Extra Keen 1-3 tiles

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Extra Keen 1-3 tiles

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This program makes TLS files for Keen 1-3. It is still technically a beta in that I want to add stuff to it, but nit's close to the final product.

This program comes with all you'll need, the patches, tileinfo and some example files.. I'm not sure if it's perfect, but it works for me for Keen 1 at least.

To use it, you will need a 'modkeen' bitmap and a TLI file. (Tile animation will be taken from the TLI file)

I'd like feedback on this, to make sure I got everything right I also want to add some support for 'custom' animation (Maybe a text document that lets a user set ANY four tiles for a given tile's animation, what do you guys think?)

There's an example for people to check (It turns level 1's ground blue!) to see how things work.

Let's see some awesome stuff!
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