Commander Cool in "Where's My Bears?" (FULL RELEASE)

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Commander Cool in "Where's My Bears?" (FULL RELEASE)

Post by TheBigV »

Well finally, a year after the public beta here's the full release of Commander Cool 1! Happy early Keen Day!



In case you missed the public beta thread:
This Keen 1 mod started back in 2014 as a levelpack entitled "Back to Mars" and was later changed to star my original character. There were several long hiatuses in production.
In this mod, you play as Commander Cool as he explores Mars trying to retrieve his teddy bears, which were stolen by the Martians.
Thanks to everyone who played the public beta and gave feedback!

Changes from second public beta:
  • Added two more pairs of small SGA letter tiles.
  • Added more colored tiles under a few more hazards.
  • Rearranged the tileset a little.
  • Added a missing exit reflection in the Raygun Shrine.
  • Added a patch to display the secured score in the status window.
  • The help section now says the maximum possible score.
  • Mentioned three more tools in the Mod Info.
  • Tweaked some of the player sprites.
  • Updated the DOS ending screen to have KeenWiki's new address and to list me as one of the creators of Keen 4 Retro.
  • Removed an arrow sign from Hopeless Jail since it could be confusing and the red keydoor indicated the drop was safe.
  • Increased the value of the point item near the exit in Hopeless Jail.
  • Revised the hints sheet.
  • Corrected the help section to say that the arrows move Cool around, not Keen.
  • Further revising of the final level, to lessen the difficulty further.
  • Added an extra bonus area to the final level.
  • Added a Tank Robot sign tile for the Hopeless Jail level and also redrew the Yorp and Garg tiles.
  • Tweaked some lighting in Hopeless Jail.
  • Tweaked the place near the "B" bridge in Ice Cannon City.
  • Revised a graphic from the ending's ship-flying sequence.

Download: ... sp=sharing
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Re: Commander Cool in "Where's My Bears?" (FULL RELEASE)

Post by proYorp »

first :p

Review time! I did help write the story, and contributed a few small graphics here and there, so I can't comment on that. But as for the rest of it....

- - - -

This is a nice levelpack, half-mod, whatever you want to call it. It's surprisingly polished, maybe more than you might expect from this type of production. The strongest point would have to be the levels.

The levels are well-designed and easy to follow, yet provide puzzles clever enough to make the player stop and think. The more complex parts are generally in safer places, allowing the player room to breathe to figure things out. The difficulty progression throughout the mod is smooth and gradual. Just remember to wear your helmets; it gets a little tricky towards the end.

A characteristic feature of this mod is the unique use of bridges and switches. The level Green Land first introduces the midair bridge switch, introducing you to the idea in a straightforward manner and then immediately expanding upon the concept, providing new and unique puzzles revolving around this core idea. Further levels continue to present new variations on the use of the bridges.

Besides bridge puzzles, we also see other areas of clever detail in the level design. For instance, the level Frozen Shrine provides an easier path through a difficult area for those observant enough to catch it.

While simple in style as Marooned on Mars is, this mod manages to capture a few random moments of atmosphere. Near the end of Hopeless Jail we find a lonely billboard of a robot floating in the sky above the Martian landscape with a few small red platforms, which gave me a surprisingly strong sense of deserted and barren emptiness, similar to the earth environments of Pixar's WALL-E.

Overall, a fun romp through a familiar environment, in an endearing expedition to save your beloved teddy bears. If you're itching to explore the increasingly expansive landscapes of Mars once again, give this one a go. If you like Vorticons Keen, you'll love this mod.

"Makes me wonder where my own teddy bears are." --IGN
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