Forum Rules [UPDATED 27/02/13]

A general chat area, here you can post anything that doesn't belong in another forum.
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Forum Rules [UPDATED 27/02/13]

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Hear ye, hear ye:
  1. Your administrators are Fleexy, Ceilick, tulip, and Flaose; your moderators are Keening_Product and Levellass.
  2. Avatar size shouldn't exceed 160x160px, and signature pictures shouldn't exceed 100px high. Don't distort the forum with huge location entries, large pictures, or by using too many lines in a signature.
  3. Use only a single account. Don't create dummy accounts to use as "sock-puppets", to impersonate others, or just as a joke.
  4. Don't link to piracy sites or illegal downloads.
  5. Don't post sexual, racist, or otherwise obscene comments or images. This is a board meant to be used by minors as well as adults. Don't intentionally bypass the word censor. While using swear-words is against the rules, words that are pejorative towards a person's gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or other personal traits, will be dealt with much more severely.
  6. Keep discussion civil. Don't deliberately annoy, offend, antagonize, or bully other members. Conflicts will arise but if it is something serious keep it to private discussion. If you feel that you are being bullied, let an administrator know via private message. Don't allow yourself to be dragged into a fight, or try and take the law into your own hands, or you may also be punished.
  7. Don't create intentionally irrelevant posts. If you're about to upload a one- or two-word post, first ask yourself, "Does my post add to the discussion?" If the answer is no, reconsider posting it.
  8. The PCKF is still a mostly text-based forum. As such, posting only images on a regular basis is not okay.
  9. Don't double-post on a regular basis. Instead, consider editing your last post in order to add the new information. Likewise, avoid posting in topics that are more than 3 months old.
Remember: You are a guest, act like one.

Punishments for breaking the rules include (in order of severity): warnings (either on the forum or via private message), post deletions, temporary bans, and permanent bans. Unless the violation is intentionally and severely flagrant (e.g. posting child pornography), you will receive a one-strike private message warning for bannable behavior. A second violation of the warned behavior will result in a ban.
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