The Legendary John Romero on #PCKF!

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The Legendary John Romero on #PCKF!

Post by Paramultart » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:26

EDIT: Romero has left the building. I have already posted the entire IRC chat. He did mention bookmarking #PCKF and even said he would come back sometime.

Highlights include: JOHN FREAKIN' ROMERO, Possible release of VGA TUIT demo, talk of new company with Tom Hall, mention of his latest Facebook game (legit Keen references included), John bookmarked PCKF, and oh yeah... did I mention JOHN FREAKIN' ROMERO???

Original post:
Go to the chat NOW with any questions.
Will post the entire conversation later!

channel: #pckf


Facebook conversation:

Here's all I could snag of the entire convo. As you can see, what started out as me and VBB trolling spiraled into me contacting the real John Romero via Facebook, and him actually agreeing to join the channel.


The entire conversation:

<Paramultart> Hey, does Tom Hall have an account on PCKF?
<TerminILL> Stark: i dig
<vbb> Paramultart youre so new
<Ceilick> the wooden/log platform has all slope angles, the others are incomplete
<Paramultart> I am new. I didn't join K:M until like... June or so... and PCKF shortly after
<vbb> Well, there IS a Tom Hall account
<vbb> it's just not Tom Hall
<vbb> woah =0
<jimage> <vbb> mind = asplode
<TerminILL> maybe they're all actually Carmack
<TerminILL> <Carmack> lol no keen gaems for you
<TerminILL> <Carmack> we have transcended beyond "plot"
<TerminILL> pfff
<Mink> <Carmack> i'mma post about the source
<Mink> <Carmack> and then never mention it ever again
<TerminILL> <Romero> so I found the Keen source but it turns out I fucl fried the tile drawing routines
<Stark> I throw my telescope in the air some-times | singin' ayyy-o | I'm Gali-leeee-o
theRomero ( has joined #pckf
<Paramultart> OMG IT'S Romero!)!)!)!)!
<theRomero> I am friends with Paramultart on Facebook. We talk occasionally.
<TerminILL> !)!)!
<vbb> hey theRomero
<vbb> i was there that one time you said hi guys bye guys
<theRomero> poptarts? I liek poptarts
<vbb> but you left before i could say hi
<theRomero> You're right, I'm not Romero
<theRomero> You called my bluff
* theRomero is now known as John_Carmack
<John_Carmack> Greetings, Earthlings
<Mink> hey didn't even say bai guys
<jimage> <John_Carmack> fff lll
<TerminILL> gasp! the mindless money making machine responsible for the death of the Good Ol' iD Software
<Mink> #whatadouche
<vbb> the mars flight skipping patch is really this tiny?
<vbb> #Skip the flight to Earth sequence. [To be cont... shown on background of #tile No 1] Also skips Mars map and text. %patch $81A3 $02
<jimage> <allstories> oman I saw that when you were liek a ... baby lol
<John_Carmack> I am rocket science. Keen is ghey.
<TerminILL> vbb: well all it would be is an unconditional jump
<Mink> 'tile properties are still attached to specific tiles where the leftward facing slopes would be' - mind = blown
<jimage> whwh
* John_Carmack is now known as Pyromultart
<vbb> ok cool
Paramultart has kicked Pyromultart from #pckf (Paramultart)
<Mink> that's insane, did they have the slope images in there but then get rid of em or just put in the tileinfo before graphics were done or WHAT
<Mink> seriously, so many questions
<jimage> Waht = Mink dismantln?
<Mink> Ceilick = Dreams moddn/assembln
<Ceilick> new horseradish hill nearly done
<Mink> Mink = commentn on that
<Genius314> Keen 10?
<Mink> oh man
<Mink> The Real Keen 3.5
<TerminILL> Xmas 10
<Mink> MLKJrD2011
<Mink> ^ it will always be that to me
<Paramultart> The real John Romero is online on Facebook. Should I ask him to join Keen IRC?
<Paramultart> I've talked to him before on MSN
<jimage> oman
<TerminILL> totally
<Genius314> Super oh man
<Mink> <Draik> totes
<Mink> /nickserv register theRomero hunter2
<Paramultart> *Ryan: Everyone in the Commander Keen chat would love it if you joined the Keen IRC channel if you're not too busy. It would blow everyone's minds. :] *
<Paramultart> waiting for a response
<Paramultart> still waiting
THEREALJOHNRomero ( has joined #pckf
<THEREALJOHNRomero> sup nigs
<TerminILL> you are so convincing
<vbb> XD
<jimage> EHMERO;
<TerminILL> that has the exact same hostmask as the other one
<Paramultart> I actually DID write to him on facebook
<Mink> therefore
lemm ( has joined #pckf
* ChanServ sets mode +a #pckf lemm
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to lemm
<Mink> John Romero is Paramultart
<jimage> You live with Romero!? :00
<TerminILL> sup lemmero
<lemm> eh eh
<THEREALJOHNRomero> MMO's llollololol
John_Romero ( has joined #pckf
<John_Romero> hey
<THEREALJOHNRomero> woah
<John_Romero> who is this THEREALJOHNRomero guy?
<THEREALJOHNRomero> :O :O :O :O :O
<THEREALJOHNRomero> guys
<TerminILL> whoising like mad here
<THEREALJOHNRomero> I had nothing to do with this
<John_Romero> youre not fooling anybody poser
<CKeen> this map is coming along fairly nicely
<TerminILL> why not theRomero?
<jimage> oman Romero war
<vbb> ZOMG TWINS!!
* THEREALJOHNRomero is now known as John_Carmack
<John_Carmack> BEHOLD!
<John_Romero> I should've known
<John_Carmack> IT IS I
<lemm> let me see your voxels
<jimage> John war*
<Genius314> Haha oh okay that's what I thought.
<Genius314> /whois knows all.
<John_Romero> why aren't you working on rage right now? Or spending time with your girlf... oh, nvm that last part
<TerminILL> I still can't figure out who's posing as Romero right now
<John_Carmack> I finished the RAGE engine in one night
<Genius314> vbb.
<lemm> MAINE
<Genius314> VBB
<John_Carmack> nearly 4 years ago you silly lil' goose
<vbb> huh?
<TerminILL> G314: they have different IP addreses
<Genius314> :0
<TerminILL> Carmack is sitting on a pile of progress
<John_Romero> Well of course im in maine right now
<Genius314> they do.
<Mink> *downgrading a pile of progress
<John_Romero> SUCK IT DOWN!!!!
* lemm is now known as Jason_Blochovoviwaiak
<CKeen> lol guys
<Jason_Blochovoviwaiak> sup guys i can't spell my name lol
<CKeen> this level I made is beyond insane
<TerminILL> no-one can!
<TerminILL> *laughtrack*
<TerminILL> <RocketShark> *le oh ho ho*
<vbb> Hey john?
<John_Romero> yeah?
<John_Carmack> yeah?
<John_Carmack> dammit
<jimage> yeah?
<CKeen> I'm sure tulip is gonna love it
<vbb> i wanna tell you i think people are too hard on daikatana
<TerminILL> shut up stephen
<vbb> its a good game
<Mink> jimage, mind was blown when i found out that's your fake middle name
<TerminILL> wow, CKeen
<John_Romero> heheh, i aim to please
<TerminILL> that looks nuts
<CKeen> well
<CKeen> level is called "welcome to hell" for a reason
<Mink> holy crap ckeen
<John_Romero> i know a lot of people arent sophisticated enough to understand my artistic brilliance that went into daikatana
<Mink> ISN" T IT
<jimage> You = the stalker. You = know thisn
<jimage> fucl this i'm becoming a fucl pirate
<jimage> .
<Jason_Blochovoviwaiak> arr matey
<John_Romero> Ooh, my hot romanian wife wants me to make her my bitch
<John_Romero> later guys
John_Romero has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
* Jason_Blochovoviwaiak is now known as lemm
John_Carmack has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Paramultart> GUYS
* CKeen has changed the topic to: || Whose Dewey Is It Anyway? || tulip I just made your favourite level ever || <CKeen> I am the best
<Genius314> Noobish question: How do I load a binary file into an array in C++?

*-----------END OF TROLL LINE------------*

<Paramultart> HE'S COMING
<Paramultart> I SWEAR
<TerminILL> Ptart: bitchin
<CKeen> screenshot or it didn't happen
<TerminILL> G314: lol
<Paramultart> I'm not crying wolf this time
<vbb> XD
<Mink> <Draik> About to be made bitchin
<Mink> *his bitchin
<lemm> fopen("rb");
<lemm> etc
<TerminILL> Paramultart is cryin DooM this time
Romero (Adium@60B5E3D5.AA984A72.C3636573.IP) has joined #pckf
<Paramultart> Greetings Romero
<vbb> sigh
<Romero> hey everyone ;)
<jimage> I don't know what to believe anymoar
<Paramultart> I am the one who summoned you
<Paramultart> Nobody believes it's really you
<TerminILL> why would Romero use a winky face
<Romero> i just heard people were impersonating me in here? lol
<jimage> Most convincingly.
<Genius314> Argh is it really that simple? Matlab has me overthinking everything.
<vbb> ??? what about your romanian wife john?
<Romero> any keen questions you guys have?
<TerminILL> G314: lol matlab
<lemm> er, "filename", "rb" but yeah, it's that simple
<Genius314> Its like... the same code as matlab.
<vbb> wait youre the real john Romero???
<Genius314> Like, exactly the same.
<Romero> yeah, just here to say hi and answer some Q's
<Paramultart> ... ISREAL.png
<Paramultart> I swear to god this is real
<vbb> Okay, umm
<Romero> i did a little posting on doomworld today. thought i'd support my games a little
<vbb> do you wanna get the rights back and team up with tom to make TUIT?
<Genius314> Haha really?
<Genius314> Welcome then, Mr Romero.
<vbb> TUIT = The universe is toast
<TerminILL> big up
<Mink> Haha, that's awesome. Welcome welcome, indeed
<Paramultart> Romero, you are a LEGEND! I LOVE YOU!
<Romero> i'm not sure Tom would continue that storyline if he got the IP rights back. That design was pre-Mario 64 and that game blew his mind. It was how he envisioned Keen would continue in 3D
<vbb> So if you're really John Romero, tell me the ending scene you guys scrapped in Keen Dreams
<Romero> btw, i just started a new game company and Tom Hall is part of it as a Studio Head in Austin and lead game designer
<Paramultart> Everyone, ask some legitimate questions. Don't waste this man's time!
<Paramultart> He'll probably never come back here again
<Paramultart> I can't believe this is real
<TerminILL> is it?
<vbb> so you've been showing a lot of keen appreciation lately
<TerminILL> *I N C E P T I O N*
<Romero> hmm. i don't remember an ending scene scrapped from that game. i think it could have been an earlier keen. we only had 2 months to do KD.
<vbb> you made a blog about the 20th anniversary to keen linking to this forum
<vbb> thats pretty cool
<Romero> yeah, and 19th anniversary too ;) lol
<Mink> Did you ever make any progress in finding the source code you mentioned that one time you posted on the Keen forums?
<vbb> what? I saw your Romero forum where YOU posted that animation of keen waking up screaming in his PJs
<Romero> that's from the title screen of keen dreams
<TerminILL> vbb, you fail
<vbb> so is tom hall aware of the fan made The Universe Is Toast triligy of keen galaxy mods that are being made here?
<Romero> hahaah no, i don't think tom knows about that
<vbb> but you know?
<Mink> Wow, I /always/ though that animation was from the keen dreams ending
<Paramultart> Romero, do you still have any interest in sidescrollers? Or do you think they're old and outdated?
<vbb> i mean, it doesn't make any sense that Tom is distancing himself from the keen fanbase
<TerminILL> hey Mink, how bout a BotB demo for the man here
<vbb> Carmack's made it clear that he hates keen, but it's Tom's dream game
<CKeen> Waiting for Romero to play!
<Mink> yeah yeah i know what you meant TermiNILL ;-p
<TerminILL> Carmack hates everything
<Mink> well how do we know it's Tom's dream game
<Romero> lol
<Mink> maybe what he's working on now is his dream game
<Romero> i do have a VGA demo of our first test of TUIT
Paramultart has kicked Stark from #pckf (Paramultart)
Stark ( has joined #pckf
* ChanServ gives voice to Stark
<vbb> he spent 5 minutes in a room writing a paragraph about that game
<vbb> it must of been the epiphamatic climax of his life
<Mink> Would that be a ...releasable demo?
<vbb> what?
<vbb> you actually made something?
<Romero> yeah, i'm thinking about releasing it for DOSbox
<vbb> holy s'pht
<jimage> That would > all
<vbb> btw s'pht is an alien from the marathon series of games for mac
<Romero> john carmack made a VGA parallax-scrolling demo using VGA versions of the Keen4 graphics
<TerminILL> waiting to open it and get a screen fulla TROLLFACE
<vbb> i'll make a wild guess you happen to know about it john
<vbb> and people calling it a ripoff of doom
* CKeen gives channel operator status to jimage_ Romero vbb WPPWAH
<Romero> adrian carmack VGA-ified some Keen4 graphics so we could see what the game might look like
<Ceilick> that sounds so awesome
<vbb> 256 glorious colors?
<Mink> i would so love to see that
<Genius314> Oh wow, that sounds amazing.
<Romero> do i know about Marathon? of course! It was basically Doom on the Mac before the Mac got Doom on it
<CKeen> hey john
<Romero> Bungie did it
<CKeen> assuming you're the real one
<Romero> yep, 256 colors
<CKeen> what ever happened to that copy of the galaxy source you found a while ago?
<Mink> Haha, VBB how could he /not/ know about marathon
<vbb> Ok youre definately the real john
<Romero> it was adrian's first foray into VGA, so it was nothing like Wolf3D or DOOM art. it was a quickie conversion
<Genius314> Fans have tried doing similar, but to think there might be a prototype official version is pretty cool.
<TerminILL> still, neato
<Mink> still though, i'd like to see just how it turned out
<Mink> as would like everyone else it seems
<vbb> You know about shadowcaster? the thing raven did before you guys gave them the doom engine to publish heretic?
<Romero> i haven't done a deep dig for the source but i think i have it somewhere. tom is pretty sure he has it on some syquest disks. i have a bunch of syquests i need to get data from
<CKeen> ah
<CKeen> hopefully they contain it
<Romero> of course i know about shadowcaster. carmack modified the wolf3d engine to have lighting and slopes and we licensed it to raven
<CKeen> anyway I don't think it needs to be said doom is my favourite game :P
<vbb> shadowcaster is amazing. im sorry to say it blows wolf3d out o the water. but sadly nobody knows about it
<CKeen> I heard you were the main contact with raven when you were still at ID
<vbb> there were slopes in that game? where?
<CKeen> raven made some good games
<Romero> well, history has shown the difference between those 2 games
<vbb> i dont think there was even any change of floor/ceiling heights
<vbb> oh wait yes there was
<vbb> and you could swim underwater
<Mink> maybe you're not the reall vbb if you don't remember that :-0
<Romero> The Shadowcaster, a successor of the and a predecessor of the technology[1], was written by's and licensed to[2] Carmack wrote the Shadowcaster 3D engine during his technology research aft
<CKeen> I am a fan of oldschool shooters
<CKeen> I've tried just about all of them
Nanoko ( has joined #pckf
<CKeen> except the pie in the sky ones
Shonikado ( has joined #pckf
Shonikado has quit (Quit: Shonikado)
<CKeen> and... who are these?
<vbb> the spaghetti in the sky
<lemm> waada hell is goin on
<vbb> hey john do u like youtube poop?
<Nanoko> Er, hello!
<CKeen> hi Nanoko
<vbb> and whats with the haircut? i loved ur long hair
<CKeen> who are you?
<Mink> Greeting Nanokono
<Mink> er
<Mink> Nanoko
<Nanoko> Call me whatever you want, I haven't chosen a better name yet
<CKeen> right
<vbb> i even grew mine out because of you. well, actually because of krishna but yknow
<Mink> nah, even 'nanoko' sounds better than 'right'
<CKeen> nanoko sounds like some super mario enemy
<Nanoko> Might as well be
<CKeen> Romero: this might sound weird but
<CKeen> I hope you will come here whenever you want/can :P
<Romero> yeah, i'll add this to my Adium list
<CKeen> awesome
<Romero> i have very long hair right now………it's not short
<vbb> good to know
<Romero> this is me, now. ... .517581288
<vbb> ur last pic on wikipedia showed otherwise
<Romero> also, have you guys heard about my latest game, Ravenwood Fair?
<vbb> broken link
<CKeen> I haven't heard of it
<vbb> um...
<CKeen> sounds like a RPG from the title
<vbb> sorry john....
<CKeen> I'm not really into rpgs
<Romero> it's on facebook. it's a pretty cute game. if you like CK, you'll probably like it.
<CKeen> I play action games mostly
<Mink> oh yeah isn't that that facebook game?
<Mink> ah ninja'd
<Romero> ok, i gotta run. i'll be back sometime! have fun
<TerminILL> ahaha, Ptart's forum topic
<TerminILL> later Romero
<Nanoko> Cheers
<Mink> See ya Romero!
<Genius314> See ya.
<vbb> so long
<CKeen> bye
<Ceilick> bye
<Paramultart> Bye Romero
<Paramultart> Thank you so much for your time
<Paramultart> Very much appreciated!
<CKeen> yes
<CKeen> hope to see you here again sometime
<CKeen> and also I hope we'll be able to play doom online or something :P
<CKeen> also guys the channel will be invaded soon I think
<Mink> <Eveyone> Hope to ask you like a million questions again sometime ;p
<CKeen> I don't really have many questions
<CKeen> the keen source, that's about i
<CKeen> t
<jimage> Party on, Romero.
<CKeen> but it's still... I mean I was just talking to the man who made id software
Kirb (Kirbonium@22955F94.61E0C3B6.60DC3619.IP) has joined #pckf
<CKeen> yo Kirb
* CKeen gives channel operator status to Kirb
<Kirb> Sup CKeen
<Paramultart> What was once a troll quickly became a stunning reality
WolfenGod ( has joined #pckf
<Kirb> I had him on my old facebook, go figure
<Mink> holy garg what is happening
<Kirb> John Romero
<Kirb> That's what
<Mink> we are being invaded by #skulltag aren't we
<Genius314> What is going on here?
<WolfenGod> this is lies
<CKeen> yes sir
<Kirb> Lol
<WolfenGod> all lies
<CKeen> sup Jroc
* WolfenGod is now known as Jroc
<Mink> <Genius314> I am eight and what is this
<Genius314> Oh haha.
<Kirb> Wiat CKeen
<Kirb> You told me he was here
<Kirb> Did you lie to me?
<CKeen> he is
<CKeen> look at the users list
<Kirb> lol
<Mink> see that "Romero" guy in the userlist?
<jimage> <Romero> /away
<Mink> <jimage> <Romero> /escape
<CKeen> also for whoever's wondering
<Kirb> Mink: I'm just a little skeptical from time to time
<CKeen> jroc and kirb are my buddies
<CKeen> they're cool
<CKeen> well jroc isn't cool but yeah
<CKeen> you get the point
<Mink> hahaha, you should've seen all of us when he first joined
<Genius314> We were all pretty skeptical.
<Kirb> Jroc's not
<Jroc> get outta here

NOTE: If someone could get a copy of this conversation WITH timestamps, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by Dynamo » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:27


Also lern2pastebin

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Post by Paramultart » Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:49

Here's the pastebin, but it doesn't allow highlighting so I will not remove the convo from my first post.

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Post by kuliwil » Wed Jan 05, 2011 4:31

Just read through it.

Also, that new game he mentioned - notice anything familiar?:
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Post by Deltamatic » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:04


And he might come back to the irc
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Post by StupidBunny » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:06

There is no emotikeen possible to express my feelings on this. Also, VITALIN WTF :O

EDIT: And the man is on Doomworld now also! What a bro.

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Post by Paramultart » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:16

This is truly an epic moment for the PCKF community.

I normally dislike Facebook games, but I am seriously going to hit up Ravenwood Fair. :)

It was right under our noses the entire time.

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Post by Roobar » Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:58

That's so awesome I'll post later!

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Post by Paramultart » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:04

wiivn wrote:That's so awesome I'll post later!
I already posted the entire conversation. :p

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Post by Shilor » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:15

What a fantastic moment. Wish I could have been there. Next its time to get Tom Hall to join the chatroom?

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Post by Paramultart » Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:26

He's still logged in to #PCKF, and he just became active on Facebook... So there's a tiny chance he may come back tonight, if only for a brief moment.

Edit: Whoops, apparently he's on his iPhone. My bad.

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Post by Grimson » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:12

When did this happen? After I left? Noooooo.
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Post by VikingBoyBilly » Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:48

the crystal is a crystal caves reference fo sho
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Post by Snortimer » Wed Jan 05, 2011 13:15

Paramultart wrote:Highlights include: JOHN FREAKIN' ROMERO, Possible release of VGA TUIT demo
I may be wrong, but it sounded like those are two separate things. There's a TUIT demo, and separately there's a VGA version of Keen 4.
Member since at least 1998 with... ah... some long absences. I was even a moderator at one point. I'll probably keep coming back here and there as long as this place still exists.

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Post by Dynamo » Wed Jan 05, 2011 14:04

Grimson wrote:When did this happen? After I left? Noooooo.
This is what you get for not showing up in IRC more often! :P

Also why everyone is screaming like they're in a justin bieber concert is beyond me

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