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"Public Commander Keen Forum" or "The Keen Forum"?

Public Commander Keen Forum
The Keen Forum
Something else
Total votes: 32

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KeenRush wrote:But there's no reason for changing it! Some people were expecting something major revival of this community with the board change (don't ask why), I don't think this'd do it either.
Well, I am really happy with the switch, and I know certain user (who roams my forums by the name of the almighty Commander Keen) that is really happy now too. As he couldn't join before due to EzBoard's bitchiness.

But I would be seriously disappointed if you decided to rename it. Anything else than PCKF (both the acronym and its expanded form) would lose all the historical feel and such that these forums have.

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I'll be voting no if it ever comes to that, but I think this poll has shown enough -- almost nobody wants it to change and neither do I.
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I thought i posted in here, but guess not (maybe sumwhere else);

i could argue for things lengthily, but this will proly suffice:

"The Commander Keen Forum" > "PCKF" > "The Keen Forum"

I don't necessarily want a change, since it could be confusing, but as far as the sound of the name goes, TCKF beats PCKF ever so slightly.
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Does the name really matter?
It's a Commander Keen Forum, and anyone in the general Public can join. The old name still makes sense, so why change it?
I personally don't care about the name as long as it's Commander-Keen-related. As long as the name isn't really stupid... PCKF, CKF, anythings fine. Even "The Keenest"... Just NOT "Super Dooper Keenifragilistic Uber Forums" ok?

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