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Re: OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 17:25
by Roobar - I've never seen this cover before.

Re: OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 22:34
by Quillax
proYorp wrote:
Wed Jan 09, 2019 22:44
Well, I was waiting to see if this guy would post about this here, but after this long I doubt he's going to.
Has anyone else seen this? It's a Keen 1 mod, released just after Insalevs3, on ModDB. ... ragonlords

Should there be a topic about this?
Roobar wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:43
The most interesting thing about this mod is that it has been released outside of our community, which doesn't happen often, if ever. This is strange given that the guy should have been here to download the mod tools and read some tutorials about modding and also promoting it.. But also he has not credited anyone from here, neither he mentioned any of the tools he used.

Also, although it is only January, this makes it the second Vorticons mod released this year (which already makes the beginning of this year epic), although technically, it is a last year mod.
Wow! It's very interesting to know that we actually had not one, but TWO Keen 1 mods in 2018! :O One just wasn't released on the PCKF! For tools, I think the author got them from KeenWiki, which also has modding tutorials. The author probably never heard of the PCKF. This mod should be added to the wiki, though.

Re: OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:01
by proYorp
Listing modding utilities used has become customary in this community, but if he’s not familiar with the “traditions” here I don’t suppose he would.
I think it is likely he just used KeenWiki. If you search “commander keen modding” on Google, KeenWiki is the top result, and after scrolling awhile our forums don’t even come up. (EDIT: Okay, Keen:Modding comes up. Earlier when I did a search I didn't see it.)
I mean, I learned how to mod just from using KeenWiki and some other mods I had for reference, before I’d ever visited this forum. (So, great work on that, KeenWiki contributors! It's a very good resource.)

My guess is he just decided on his own to make a Commander Keen mod, googled it, found the info he needed, and just rolled with it.
Although according to his ModDB profile, he’s friended to szemi and DoomJedi, so he does have some kind of connection to the community. Maybe someone should try to contact him and tell him about this place.

Anyway, for now here's a makeshift release thread.