OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

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Re: OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

Post by K1n9_Duk3 »

Yeah, I have explored some of the .EDS files and I'm pretty sure that it's a proprietary format. My guess is that the ED stands for "Eden" and the S stands for "Sound". All of the files in the "Images" folder have the extension .EDI and the files in the "Levels" folder have the extension .EDN or .EDT, which means you're not gonna find anything useful by searching for the .EDS extension.

The good news is that nearly all of the .EDS files contain easily recognizable .WAV file headers inside the file. I wrote a quick tool that scans data files (of any kind) for the presence of such a .WAV header and extracts each of the wave files it finds in that file. The tool itself works flawlessly and can reliably export wave files that are included in certain executables or uncompressed resource archives used by certain games.

The bad news is that this method doesn't actually help all that much with Project Eden. I haven't been able to play the wave files I ripped from the .EDS files, and some of the extracted wave files still contain multiple wave file headers, which indicates that there's fishy going on in the .EDS files. My guess is that the data inside the .EDS files is compressed or otherwise encoded in some way that makes it impossible to just extract the wave files based on the .WAV headers encountered in the file.

Maybe this information will help you figure this out. Just keep in mind that even if the file contains .WAV file headers, that doesn't necessarily have to mean the audio data is in uncompressed PCM wave format that's commonly associated with wave files. The devs might just have reused the .WAV header for something else entirely or they might have inserted these headers just to screw with those who try to hack their data files.

Good luck. I don't really want to investigate this any further.
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Re: OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

Post by nanomekia »

Alright, thanks for looking into this. It's farther than any of us got at any rate, and by this point we're all pretty sure we're not doing squat with these files save perhaps finding this Ensoniq thing, which doesn't seem to be an option. Help much appreciated, mate!
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Re: OFF TOPIC THREAD: Where derailing the thread is impossible!

Post by MoffD »

I was stuck in a similar situation with a certain game using HMP files that were partially compressed by an unknown method, finally extracted them by memory scanning the game while it was loading them, not optimal, but perhaps a similar method would work in this case?
Edit: this is assuming the EDS files are just WAV containers off of what King Duke was saying, I'd recommend loading the game into a specific area and then memory scanning with something like Cheat Engine for WAV headers
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