Physical Activity

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Physical Activity

Post by Paramultart »

I started skateboarding again, but lately I've traded that for playing tennis.
(Need a new deck, plus there's usually a gaggle of scumbags loitering the skate park)
I've also started learning fencing with one of my friends, and occasionally go for walks. I want to get my bike fixed so I can start cycling again.

What do you all do for physical activity?
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Post by Benvolio »

Mostly my daily activity is frantic walking to plug the gaps between connections in Ireland's somewhat miserable public transport system... but I do love tennis like yourself, sadly I haven't the time to play it any more. Do you play competitively or just with friends or club members?!?

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Post by thehackercat »

I spend a lot of time outside this time of year; hunting, fishing, camping, and the like. I don't play any sports. I guess the closest thing would be the sporadic Frisbee tournaments with friends now and again.

I also hike when I can.

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Post by Ceilick »

For awhile I was biking 20 miles 3 times a week. I haven't gone in a while, although I still get 20 miles in every now and again.

For sports I play pickleball; kind of like tennis except smaller court and with a wiffle ball. Haven't done this since last Summer though.

I'm a frequent walker and pacer.

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Post by -MegaTrip: »

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Post by Bubbatom »

Good to hear people playing tennis! I play it all year 'round compeditadly. I also do the occasional jog in the morning, but lately I've been way to tired for it.
And, since I'm still at high school, I have PE lessons 3 times a week. At the moment we're doing basketball.

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Post by Paramultart »

Benvolio wrote:Do you play competitively or just with friends or club members?!?
I play for fun, with friends and sometimes my wife.
There's a free court at my local park, so if it's not crowded it's easy enough to just pull in and play. The basketball crowd that frequents the park can be pretty obnoxious, blazing abysmal pop music from their stereo and jiggling about shirtless. (I had to listen to a whole Katy Perry album against my will while playing tennis)

Aside from picking it up just recently, the only time I ever played tennis before was with a group of friends back in 2008, with whom I now never associate. So I am not very good, but enjoy it enough that I desire to play on a daily basis.

I don't know a lot of the proper grips and techniques, but I'm pretty certain I have the scoring system and overall gist of the game down.

I'm normally not a sports guy, and was avidly opposed to all sports at one point, but it's a much more enjoyable experience when you're actually playing the sport for fun, and not because you have to.

I am not a competitive person, and I still have absolutely no interest in major league games of any kind. I've never idolized any athletes, spare Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen, and I still think American Football (hand-egg) is one of the most thoroughly pointless American traditions of all time, and I cannot express how much I detest it, as well as the hardcore fans.
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Post by Rorie »

i have never much been into sport which i do myself i do have a weekly swimming class and despite still being obese (i am dieting to get my life back on track) have lost 21.5kg as of the 26/03 i have mostly been moving about at work doing a lot of streching walking and lifting dieting given up certain foods such as mcdonalds (i will not touch it when there are better quality burgers and chips out there and i can afford to pay $20 at a cafe for a better quality hamburger)

i have always been a fat person i'd say from my teens to my adulthood i was 27 when i made the decision to lose weight and so far it is paying off but the real challenge will be once i get down to a healthly weight to keep it off

otherwise sports i love to watch on telly are nba basketball and afl (aussie rules football) i cannot stand the cricket (most boring game in the world) for the afl my favorite club is the geelong cats
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Post by Benvolio »

PE lessons 3 times a week
Haha in school we had just 1 hour a week, i was a) not really a lesson, more being handed a (soccer) football and told 'play good clean football' b) often only for the lads - girls usually have to study, depending on the teacher's whims c)discontinued in the exam years. No wonder Ireland and UK are rapidly converging with the US on obesity levels.

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Post by StupidBunny »

I lift weights for about an hour a day anywhere from 3 to 6 times a week, and go out walking pretty regularly. I used to have time to do like 8-mile walks but these days I just can't manage that anymore. I used to play tennis way back when as well, and am thinking of getting back into it.

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Post by VikingBoyBilly »

Paramultart wrote:Football (hand-egg)
It's a stone, eggface! You didn't make it :p
Rorie wrote:given up certain foods such as mcdonalds (i will not touch it when there are better quality burgers and chips out there and i can afford to pay $20 at a cafe for a better quality hamburger)
If you're dieting, you shouldn't be eating burgurs and chips period. Doesn't matter if it's from mcdonald's or elsewhere, they're all salty sinks full of calories.
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Post by Keening_Product »

I think my sister wants to learn fencing. If she finds something I think I'll join her! (For self defence from her latest attempts to kill me if nothing else :P )

I ride my bike a LOT; for commuting, transport and personal entertainment. Brakes properly wore out today - braking distance at mid-speed of over 10 metres is NOT good.

Other than that, lots of walking with friends.

On the skateboarding thing: Do people think it's easier to learn young? I'm nearly 20 and trying to skate... finding it quite hard, though that could just be my height and short board.
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Post by _mr_m_ »

I mainly do weightlifting; been doing it since May of last year. Pretty sure I've gained ~35-40 lbs in that time frame. It's a really constructive use of my extra time that I'm not at work or in class.

Now that the weather is always warm and it's staying lighter for longer, I can start playing tennis again. And it's a great way to keep my cardio in check. I loved spending last summer playing just for fun. And there's no excuse to go since I live right by a park with 2 courts that are always open....Now to get my backhand right..

Also, Paramultart-- if you need a new skateboard deck I might be able to hook you up with my old one. It's barely used and only has some random drawings on about 15% of it. You could probably paint over it with a better colour.
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Post by tulip »

going for a walk is where it's at for me. Also swimming, but it has to be outside, so only in summer.
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Post by Commander Spleen »

I used to play racquetball regularly. My style tends to involve a lot of diving and rolling, which somehow gets me into the finals most of the time. But I got tired of the atmosphere of the courts and haven't played for a year or so. Also tennis was among my activities back when I was a teenager. I was reasonably good at it, and those skills transferred to racquetball. But it's so much effort to just get to a tennis court and find other players. And then the games go on forever and outdoor tennis courts are always windy. So meh.

I love swimming, but it has to be very, very warm (like, 30C+) with zero breeze or else I get all hypothermic pretty quick. Stupid Victorian climate, and the fact that my job tends to have me working on hot days, means this doesn't happen very often.

Walking used to be my main mode of transport until getting my licence in June last year. I still get around on foot here and there, but not nearly enough. Fortunately my metabolism doesn't require as much exercise to maintain a low weight, but I'm pretty sure less exercise doesn't help my energy levels.

My main physical activity involves moving, rolling and lifting jumping castles and other heavy carnival equipment. This makes up pretty well for my lack of other exercise.

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