Crushers, a simple 2D game [updated, stable]

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Post by Fleexy »

(Apologies for the necro.)

Not sure how many if any of you remember this game, but I recently polished it up a little to produce the final stable version of Crushers v2.5. The following changes have been made:

- Fixed blocks randomly vanishing on collision with others
- Fixed blocks sometimes spawning unaligned
- Fixed suffocation (I think)
- Rebalanced antigrav dimension (no longer a guaranteed death trap)
- Rebalanced poison deluges (less overpowered)
- Rebalanced zapper frequency (less common in the beginning)
- Improved graphics on the green laser lines
- Improved graphics on the poison particles
- Made blocks check for the bottom of the field with their bottom rather than top edge
- Expanded the playing field (more than one screen, smooth-scrolls)
- Expanded render field to widescreen (16:9)

Download Crushers 2.5


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Post by Keening_Product »

Oh dear, I'm going to download this and I'm going to get addicted again. Why must you do this to us Fleex?
Keening_Product was defeated before the game.

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Post by Nospike »

The suffocation issue seems to be completely gone. Good job Fleex. :)
The poison deluges occasionally cause the game to lag pretty badly, but at least it doesn't get *everywhere* now.
It just might be done someday. The chance is always there.

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