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I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this already.

What does everyone do when they're not on this forum? Be as vague as you want to be as I know some people might not be comfortable with sharing much about their IRL selves.

I work with newspapers for a job, have recently finished Uni and watch way too much TV. I also listen to loads of music and have some fun on community radio.

But yeah, I'm sure you're not all professional Keeners, so what do you do?

NOTE: Feel free to go off-topic in this thread, as discussion of what people do IRL is obviously going to take conversation all over the place.
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I run this:

This is my supervisor whom I bribe with biscuits:

And whenever I can I go to demo parties and make things like this and this.

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Post by Nospike »

I'm just a typical high school student who lives a very lonely shut-in life. I'm also getting a part time job soon as a sales assistant in a computer shop.
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Post by Roobar »

Saving the universe of course.

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Post by MoffD »

Student, uhhhhh.... yeah....
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Post by bp »

uni as of this fall, have worked at Starbucks for about two years now.. yea

I have a mildgaming addiction

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Post by Benvolio »

Benvolio wrote:Benvolio lives in Ireland. When he isn't slaving over his PC creating mods, Benvolio enjoys listening to music, playing the violin, reading, playing tennis and outdoor walks. (The inspiration for Bunny Basher came from walks in the north-west of Ireland.)
(Source: ... volio.html)

Over a decade has elapsed since that was written and the tennis racquets, violin and desktop PC are sadly gathering dust. The outdoor walks and cycling are still in action and the music-listening is incessant, verging on obsessive. Reading has been at times lacklustre. Why, you ask, has Benvolio's time been sapped from these pursuits? Has he taken an unhealthy turn in life?

Well, not really to any significant extent... so I have finished university where I studied medicine and additionally did a MSc which gave me the great privilege to spend a few months over in the Netherlands. And now I am working in the hospitals of Ireland. I once planned to make a magnum opus called 'Medical Keen' as a vehicle to announce my completion of med school - and of course to be a kick-ass mod. But it never got off the ground. >:

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Post by chrissifniotis »

I work in a retail store, nothing fancy but there are some perks, like holding a game I've been following in my hands the day before its release. :D Nothing more satisfying.

Outside of Keen I'm on the CivFanatics and SmashBoards forums and, as a result of my exposure, I'm a semi-regular contributor to the 'More Civilizations' and More Wonders' mod team for Civilization V, in the form of writing Civilopedia entries for civs, their leaders and some wonders.

You can find me on Steam as well as 'the Unusual Gamer', I've recently been contemplating starting up a blog using the title due to my writing and reviewing on Steam and the Good Game site.

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Post by thehackercat »

When I'm not lurking the forums or poking around in my various unfinished Keen creations, I'm busy at university as an engineering student. I'm also an officer cadet awaiting a military pilot slot.

Lately, I've found the time to delve back into piano and saxophone. I hope I can carve out some time for these in my schedule once school starts back up!

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Post by Paramultart »

I have three kids, a failed marriage, and a 20 year old girlfriend who does my dishes.

I also write a lot of depressing music.
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Post by Bubbatom »

I'm a secondary school student, this coming year being my last. I've got no idea as to what I should do with the rest of my life / career. Honestly, I try not to think about it.

I have a part time job at a department store which has helped fund my first big purchase; a pinball machine.

Keen and Pinball are my two main hobbies (and also digging through conspiracy theories and UFO stuff on Sunday afternoons). Once I finish the two mods I've been working on over the last couple of years I reckon I'll be done with modding.
I caught the pinball bug earlier last year after watching Kris Asick's "All Things Pinball" an episode of "Ancient DOS Games". I always had a fascination with pinball. There's something about the realism of the physics that I love, that video games and even digital pinball can't capture. I've really gone off video games a lot lately because of this, which probably isn't a bad thing.
One thing holding back modding last year was somewhat of an addiction to GTA 5. It was the sort of addiction where I felt like playing the game while doing other things, but when I actually got around to playing, it was incredibly boring and a complete waste of time.

That's about it.

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Post by troublesomekeen »

I'm a college drop-out, and a waiter at ye old local-yocal tavern and restaurant. In fact, I'm posting this from work. Been at it since 2011. It's a good gig... I quite like it. I also work in the office of a vacation place that rents out homes. Sometimes I help out with the house cleaning.
I'm also a composer and pianist. Writing grand and glorious symphonies and little quirky keenish tunes is what I like best. I mess around on the guitar and chapman stick a bit.
I'd like to really buckle down this year and get back to keening and completing old video projects. At the end of 2014 I did finish a little music video. I also want to draw cartoons that could possibly coincide with an ongoing Keen mod project. Animate it, voice the characters, compose the musical score... Could be barrels of fun.
Lastly, I enjoy taking the audio of modern movie trailers and mixing it up with footage from old movies. I usually have one or two done every year.
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Post by tulip »

I'm about a decade older than most of you, I am working in the Games Industry, managing atm one mobile game as project manager/producer which will I guess grow into more projects very soon.
I go out a lot (again) and spend most nights out partying with my girlfriend.
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Post by Flaose »

I'm a recently married unemployed school teacher (though to be fair I just finished my teaching degree) who sometimes creates YouTube review videos and broadcasts on Twitch for
Bubbatom wrote:I caught the pinball bug earlier last year after watching Kris Asick's "All Things Pinball" an episode of "Ancient DOS Games". I always had a fascination with pinball. There's something about the realism of the physics that I love, that video games and even digital pinball can't capture. I've really gone off video games a lot lately because of this, which probably isn't a bad thing.
I've also really gotten into pinball lately. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there are no physical machines available in the town I'm living in so I don't get very many chances to play.
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Post by Fleexy »

Most of my time is spent being a high school student. I manage everything IT for my school and a psychology office. I also do network/information security and data management for whoever needs me. Oh, and I live on a farm with a bunch of chickens.

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