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I'm a college freshman studying interactive media (web and app, animation, and game design) as well as a little computer science. I'm very seriously considering trying to get in the games industry, but I know that's not an easy path.

Since I don't have much time for Keen anymore, I suspect Atroxian Realm will be my only major mod, but I'm not against smaller levelpack-type projects in the future.
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I'm a programmer analyst.
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Fleexy wrote:I manage everything IT for my school
Woah, as in you're the systems admin?
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After university I worked in hardware/ system admin for some local schools, then moved into technology and software support (in house and for clients using the software), at a neat software dev company. Worked in that role for a couple of years, and have just moved into an E-Learning development role at the same software dev company.

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Keening_Product wrote:
Fleexy wrote:I manage everything IT for my school
Woah, as in you're the systems admin?
Well, "everything IT" might have been a bit of an overstatement. (I try to avoid printers, and I've only dealt with the phone system once.) I clean up when stuff gets broken, and I guess you could say I'm the "R&D" part of the department - I get to fiddle around with new technologies/programs that eventually save people time, like WDS. My main task is the management of the Active Directory, the database of user accounts and other domain properties on the Windows domain controllers.

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Well I wanna say more than just what I do, I wanna say more about myself. Cause I'm not quite comfortable enough with what I do to say a whole lot on just that and I like expressing myself... a little... sometimes....

I am a worker. A student.
Currently surviving life in Florida, have been for a year... going back to Ohio next week (thankfully) and reuniting with my fiancee and her family, hoping to be married some time in the next month or so (hopefully.)
Otherwise I'm a gamer of many sorts, board games (try me in Chess) card games (Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic) Video games (All kinds, old-school gamer mostly though...) I also spend some of my free time studying things, all kinds of things, trying to build on knowledge, learn more about the world we live in, etc...

Everything else is... strictly classified.

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GalaxyEyesPhotonDragon wrote:Everything else is... strictly classified.
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A brief update from my earlier post; me and my brother are very very slowly in the process of conceptualizing a computer game. Since he lives interstate and he's busy most of the time with uni progress is at a snail's pace, but since the start of the year I've helped to build most of the creative, trivial things as well as some of the key mechanics we want in it.

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