Please throw away all your 20 year old webcams.

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Please throw away all your 20 year old webcams.

Post by SupFanat » Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:05

Here's my E-Mail:
Sensation - I have real idea of invention which could change the world forever!!!!

It's very simple.Again, it's very simple. I have just realized that it's very simple to consider replacing your all low-quality webcam with much better one like that. Just replace all your old still cameras with amazing high-quality one. Just try to accept the idea that all your old public webcams are hopelessly outdated. The modern should look like this.
I'm extermely surprising that no one finds this idea obvious. It's based on my preference to change something for the sake of practical use. Get rid of the useless fear against high-quality webcam. Set it as your top priority task for improvement.

Please keep in mind that I have strong feel that every detail could destroy my entire dream. So please please please don't even think about improving anything without asking me first.

Absolute requirments:
- the most important - don't even think to replace spherical camera with flat. Believe or not, I'll very disappointed if you decide to do so because of tradition. I want nothing to be missing. Really. All directions are extremely beautiful - the entire sphere. Nothing isn't beautiful. NOTHING. Even zenith is absolutely needed - please don't remove it. It's the most important absolute requirment. All others are just
- the other is less important but also important - all content should be made public domain. I really hate todays absurd copyright laws which allow such absurd lawsuits as pirating Windows 95 that I'd feel better if you respect my wish.
- resolution - not less than in my example video. Please avoid your fear that you'll need lots of disk space as much as possible. Despite amazing quality it needs about only 300 GB of disk storage every year. So one single 6 TB HDD is enough for 20 years. I feel this ideal,
- PLEASE avoid special 23-hour days and 25-hour days as much as possible. :)
- PLEASE DON'T KEEP IT PRIVATE. Make it public. The public should get as much fun as possible.

Non-binding ideas but also very important for me.
- please forget the entire idea that this text is copyrighted. Such absurd useless laws force me to hate copyright. :)
- there's only one real purpose of this text. To popularize this idea as much as possible. So please help doing this task as much as possible. Do everything what you can to reach to idea. I'll do it anyway but I'll thank everyone who helps me to reach my entire goal.
- you're free to find any possible uses for my camera - it doesn't matter at all whether it's used for non-commercial or commercial purposes. I know that once started the process will be irreversible. Please start this process - it's the main difficulty for me. Thank you very much.

In short: try it and you'll never want to get back.

I seriously feel that no single TV tower in the entire should avoid installing such device. I'd even change laws. The legal requirement would be the ultimate way.

I hope at least one manages to overcome the fear of innovations and understand the huge practical value of this invention. It's very simple - GoPro would be enough. Please think about one main fact: you'll get lots of practical use and there's no real reasonable reason to decide against it - if you don't want to spend a (VERY LITTLE!!!) money just search external financing... :)

I hope very much your unreasonable fear to break the (really useless) idea that there should be no high-quality webcams will be gone as soon as possible. :)

Just try to imagine the awesome feeling: you could visualize the weather as beautiful as never EVER before.
Just one fact makes me feel that I'd completely wrong - if the idea is so simple how could I be the first person who ever invested a little bit of effort and suggest it??? It's the only really weird fact!

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Post by VikingBoyBilly » Thu Oct 01, 2015 13:44


Man, do I regret holding on to something that nobody had (including myself) back in 1995.
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Post by SupFanat » Thu Oct 01, 2015 14:48

At least the most webcams still have the same crap quality!

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Post by troublesomekeen » Thu Oct 01, 2015 19:01

My life has improved so much since I switched over from crumby devices to less-crumby devices. I am so grateful.

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