Commander Mario - Super Mario Maker stages

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Commander Mario - Super Mario Maker stages

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G'day. I've recently decided to try to recreate as many Commander Keen levels as I can using Super Mario Maker and I'd like to share the stages to anyone who wants them. So far I've made four levels and three are currently uploaded and available right now, all three levels are from Commander Keen 1 and hope to replicate levels from at least all seven Keen games.

All the stages are marked 'Commander Mario' on SMM, if you're interested in playing any of these levels their IDs are;
Border Town - DD92-0000-02A7-3EC0
Capital City - 75D2-0000-02A6-D58D
Second Ice Shrine - E6A2-0000-02A7-3FDB

I'm working on Keen 2 levels now so this will update from time to time. Feel free to post any of your own SMM stages as well, Keen or otherwise.

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