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Nisaba wrote:@dch:
there is a button up right of your post saying "edit". please consider editing your last post(s) in order to add the new information and don't double-post on a regular basis.

secondly there is a reason why there is no index file to be found and I think we should keep it that way. if you are about to collect all infos yourself that's fine, but I suggest to not collect meta-links like this in a public manner.
Ok, deleting file...

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Roobar wrote:I smell like Mortimer's socks and enjoy drowning baby yorps.
I was told to keep zip about bip by a mod (iirc) a while ago. Given you don't host the site, I'm going to wait for the all clear from the mods or our host before I stop arguing against linking to any pirated content.
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Keening_Product wrote:I smell like Mortimer's socks and enjoy drowning baby yorps.
Good yorp!

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Roobar wrote:Oh FFS! Although what you're saying is technically true, you should stop writing such ridiculous things anymore! The reason is that NOBODY CARES! It might have been a case 15-20 years ago, but not today because nobody cares anymore and we're too small community to be even noticed. Even if you post links to all the available keens, nobody will ever come here and say "We'll close your forum because you're posting links and it's illegal". Just STOP.
First of all, the disrespectful tone of this post is completely out of line. Second, linking to pirated copies of Keen (or any other game) has always been against the rules here. Besides, for all we know the Bipship and Zap|Zot|Net are gone because ZeniMax filed a DMCA takedown request.
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