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I have kept procrastinating this–both the decision and the action–so no longer. I will shut down the server that hosts PCKF and keen:modding by 1 January 2017. If no other hosting gets organised by then, I will make a full DB export of each site available to download somewhere (sanitized of password hashes, PMs, etc of course).

If you were waiting for an impetus to take concrete steps to hosting this forum elsewhere, consider this to be it! I have no control over the domain (that was VitaminZach), but I am the owner of the domain and will be happy to transfer ownership of it to maintain continuity.

See also:

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Post by K1n9_Duk3 »

So long, and thanks for all the fish. :dead2
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Lunick is Here
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So, did we figure out a plan for new host with upgraded phpbb yet?
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I'll be happy to host (and upgrade) if no wider community initiative is successful, so long as phpBB doesn't kill my email systems somehow. I host a few email things and don't want to risk having my IP clouded by automatic spam detection or something.

Edit: I can't find the old thread about the need to move - can somebody please post a link?
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Post by Fleexy »

I also volunteer as host. I would use shared hosting; it's very inexpensive, especially if the community tosses some change at it every so often. That would avoid any problems with other e-mail systems on the same IP.

Further reading: the previous thread on the topic of moving servers.
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Thanks for hosting it so long. I haven't been around as long as some, but I'm sure everyone else appreciates it the same.
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Post by nanomekia »

I may be relatively - okay, very - new here, but I thank you for this lovely place and all you've done, mate.


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Post by NY00123 »

Well well,

I might not be exactly one of the truly early forum members (I joined on 2009). It's still the case that I got earlier sneak peaks into the PCKF, including an older incarnation of the forums.

I also haven't posted a lot, at least relatively (I tend to do the reading of forums posts significantly more than posting my own).

Still, I guess this has been some kind of a journey, especially for earlier PCKF members. Replying to your post, adurdin, the most important thing might be the availability of backups of the current forums' contents (minus private stuff like PMs).

Let's hope for the better!
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Well, thanks for hosting this forum for a long time, adurdin! It may be a shame that this nice place will go down, but I can understand. I just hope that someone will host a new one soon, so I could still have a place to share my mods and see what others have made.
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Post by KeenRush »

Thanks for all the hosting work, adurdin. Not to mention some of the most important Keen engine knowledge and editors: modkeen, tileinfo, keenedit... Hope you'll still check the new forum from time to time.

As for what comes of this forum, I hope you people can solve it somehow. :p I don't have money nor technological understanding for doing anything about it. But I'll join the next place, wherever that will be. With search engines and e-mail, we can find it, if there'll be a temporary downtime.

I guess this could prove to be a good time to update the forum software itself. Not that I find anything wrong with this one but some do.

But wow, how has the time flown. 2003 when we migrated to these 'new' forums? :confused
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And I have the money but not the technological understanding. Who's the brains in this outfit?
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