Fucl you, 2016!!

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Re: Fucl you, 2016!!

Post by nanomekia » Fri Oct 06, 2017 20:06

A song I find particularly apropos: The Merry Minuet by the Kingston Trio.
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Re: Fucl you, 2016!!

Post by Rorie » Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:07

Full Lyrics to Set the World Afire by Megadeth
Red flash, clouds choking out the morning sky
They said it'd never come, we knew it was a lie
All forms of life die now, humans all succumb
Time to kiss your ass goodbye, the end has just begun

Distorted figures walk the street, it's 1999
Weeds once underneath your feet have grown to vines

Bodies melted like a candle, a land without a face
No time to change your fate, no time left, it's too late

The arsenal of Megadeth can't be rid they said
And if it comes the living will envy the dead
Racing for power and all come in last
No winning first stone cast
This falsehood worldly peace
It's treaties will soon cease
No one will be left to prove that humans existed
Maybe soon the children will be born open fisted
We all live on one planet it will all go up in smoke

Too bad they couldn't see this lethal energy
And now the final scene, a global darkening

Dig deep the piles of rubble and ruins
Towering overhead both far and wide
There's unknown tools of World War III
Einstein said "We'll use rocks on the other side"
No survivors!

Set the world afire!

No survivors, set the world afire!
This was the first Megadeth song ever written after Dave Mustaine's sacking from Metallica in 1983, originally the song was called Megadeath but it would become the name of the band minus the A being a deliberate misspelling of the word
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Re: Fucl you, 2016!!

Post by Levellass » Sun Oct 08, 2017 16:38

Rorie wrote:
Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:39
If you want nuclear war. you only have to beg for it from one of two people, Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump, the two aggressive people who are not far from triggering World War Three, I'd never thought I see the day but then again I could be wrong
I'm quite doubtful NK could trigger WWIII; Russia most certainly, or China. An attack on those powers or by those powers on a first world country would do it. By NK doesn't so much have allies as people who would be a little regretful if it vanished.

If NK attacks first we're looking at Japan or SK and an American retaliation that would level their biggest cities. They wouldn't last a week and there'd be full justification for an invasion. A big mess perhaps, a second Afghanistan, but China's not going to step up and say 'Oh hey, we've got to bomb you now.' Russia either.

An attack by America on NK would put the USA in the wrong, but again it's not going to be worth a world war over; China and Russia would have moral justification for all sorts of fun, from sanctions to cracking down on their own people, but no big power is going to want to plunge the world into war of some oik of a country nobody likes.
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