Happy Arbitrary Moment In Time

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Happy Arbitrary Moment In Time

Post by Commander Spleen »

It's raining here, but that's fine because it's summer and still a reasonable temperature.

It's nearly 3pm but I only just had lunch.

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Re: Happy Arbitrary Moment In Time

Post by troublesomekeen »

It's winter here and trying its darndest to turn from rain to snow.

Almost midnight, time for bed! :sleepykeen:
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Re: Happy Arbitrary Moment In Time

Post by Keening_Product »

It's half past midday here and I should probably get out of bed.
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Re: Happy Arbitrary Moment In Time

Post by Grimson »

I necro'd myself back to life for tonight just to plague the new PCKF! Enjoy the curse, fools! It won't last long! But it will repeat in very long but otherwise-indefinite periods of time! BooOooOoo!

What? What do you mean it's not Hallowe- oh.
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