Long time, no see!

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Long time, no see!

Post by eggs_box »

Hey folks! BlueGasMask here.

I'm afraid I can't login on the normal account since my original one was on a Hotmail email address that's been long since abandoned and I can't recover it, so I figured since I can't change my email and it's been like four years anyway I'd just create a new account. I'm still creating music, in fact since moving from MIDIs for mods to electronic production I sold an album year! I also came out, moved halfway down the country, and transitioned so that's neat. I figured I'd drop back in since hopefully the new Beth game will give renewed interest in the series though honestly? I don't expect much from the game itself with how Bethesda's been over the last year, though I gotta say the style did vaguely remind me of some of the art posted here years ago.

What's up with y'all?
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Re: Long time, no see!

Post by proYorp »

Hey this totally slipped under my radar. Don't always get "new post" notifications from newly registered users. :confused

Anyway, hello! I think you left before I joined, but I've seen your posts in some older threads. Nice to meet you, welcome back. :)
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Re: Long time, no see!

Post by Nisaba »

same over here,
this totally slipped under my radar. what a pitty that I likewise didn't get a "new post" notification (@fleex?)

nice to see you around.
I'm sure @fleex can merge your old account with your current login credentials.
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