Blocking users

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Blocking users

Post by szemi »

I want to ask: Have you admins ever thought to add a 'block user' option? Because this would be good against spammers and so on.
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Re: Blocking users

Post by namida »

Unless the forum software already supports such a feature and they simply haven't enabled it, this would not be a trivial task. But you can always ignore them the old-fashioned way. ;)

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Re: Blocking users

Post by Fleexy »

If you go to your user dropdown in the upper right, then User Control Panel, then the Friends & Foes tab, then the "Manage foes" tab on the left, you can add users whose posts will be hidden to you. (Not sure how I feel about the feature being called "foes", but it's a phpBB thing.)

However, if a user is consistently causing problems, it may be better to contact a moderator or administrator about the situation.

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Re: Blocking users

Post by Keening_Product »

Was there a spam issue you experienced which prompted this post, @szemi, or was this just a general suggestion? Apologies if the former, feel free to let me know if you're being spammed via DM or something.
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