I'm not a quitter, I promise!

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I'm not a quitter, I promise!

Post by Vitaminzach »

Feel like I should finally get around to explaining myself and insisting that I'm not a slacker.
Many of you may be aware of a Keen game I was working on. You may also recall that back in March, I said I was going to explain why I had to put it on hold:
The Status
So the bad news is that this project, for a variety of reasons, is on hold now. Other than patching a few things up to get something working for today, I haven't done anything with it since last September.
I will go into detail later on the KeenX forums (no need to clutter these up), but suffice it to say that my life got very busy with other things last October, and it will be that way at least through the end of this year. Don't take this as some emo "oh my life sucks" whine. In fact, the reasons it will remain very busy are things that I'm quite happy about. Again, I'll go into detail elsewhere to explain this.
Okay, so then I promptly turned into a slacker and never explained.
Here's the deal:
In October of 2006, I began looking for a house. Found one and moved out of my parent's basement in January. So there was some excuse for being busy.
Meanwhile, I'd been having some pretty serious discussions with my girlfriend throughout 2006 and into 2007. On March 16th, I popped the question.
(Would have liked to get engaged on 3/14 of course, but that wasn't compatible with my plans for the occasion.)
So I'm getting married on December 29th of this year. Hence I've been rather busy with that for the entire year.

There you have it. You may be wondering, "why couldn't you just spit that out before?!" Well, you make a good point.]

But it's the short version, there was a long, drawn-out explanation because I'm also concerned about some technological things with the project. But those could be overcome by simply cutting features. Aahh, what are you doing with those knives?! I meant by redesigning with new ideas!!!

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Post by KeenRush »

Very nice, congrats! :) Winter weddings sounds great, just before the year changes!

Also, good idea, if I'm ever going to get engaged, or even find someone :goth, which I doubt, I'll have to use the Keen Day.
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Post by ckguy »

Yeah, a Keener with a spouse ... impressive. :)

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Re: I'm not a quitter, I promise!

Post by Galaxieretter »

Vitaminzach wrote:Feel like I should finally get around to explaining myself and insisting that I'm not a slacker.
Oh don't worry... we all are. :celtic
CK Guy wrote:Yeah, a Keener with a spouse ... impressive. :)
It's not the first time it's happened. I forget who the other guy who decided to get on with his life was.
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Post by Djaser »

*Ilsoap I think*
Aaaah, not the bees!

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