When did you find the PCKF?

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When did you find the PCKF?

Post by entropicdecay »

Just curious when people first found the forum. Myself, I don't remember very well, but I know I lurked for quite a long time before getting an account. (I think for a while I didn't know how to get an account on a forum)

Also, what threads or things that happened do you remember most clearly? I remember for a while, the words "the", "Keen", and a few others I don't know were censored from people's posts for some reason. Does anyone else remember this?

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Post by Genius314 »

Well, it started one day, I was bored, and decided to play Commander Keen again after I hadn't for a few years. I took the time to decode the entire SGA alphabet, and find the secret levels in Keen 4 and 5 (I already knew about 1, and didn't have 3 or 6 yet). After finding those, I decided to look up Commander Keen cheats for some reason. And of course I found the fansites.
I lurked around some fansites, playing mods and fangames and stuff, when I noticed the PCKF in Google. Of course, I was pretty young at the time, so the thought of a forum was kinda scary to me (I don't think I even had an email or IM account at the time...). I didn't even read any topics or anything.
But then one day I decided to join.

The end.

As far as posts that I remember... Before I actually joined, all I remember ever reading was a few posts about mods (ShadowKeen and one of the Xky mods... I think), via a link on Commander Keendom.

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Post by Flaose »

I found it before it was the PCKF...I'm pretty sure the title was just 'ckeen' and it was messageboard 5517 on insidethweb.com.
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Post by KeenRush »

I think I've been around since 2003, I can't remember much how the story goes, but one thing is sure, I joined to be able to ask about Keen modding tools (nonexistant at that time) after first trying to search through the forums but without finding anything. Ironically at first I thought I'd just lurk and never post... :lol I think I got my old urge to edit levels and stuff back when I somehow found out that olde Keen still seems to have a lot fan base even in 2003!
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Post by xtraverse »

Insidetheweb days, eight years ago.

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Post by Yorpy »

Had to be in 2001 or 2002 as I was still in high school. Found it through a link on the 3drealms site. It was all rather magical as the internet was still pretty new to me at the time. I didn't know how to do much of anything, like putting a image in a post was a great mystery to me.

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Post by Freeyorp101 »

It was a while ago now.. though not as much as some of you guys. :) I think it might have been sometime in 2005, I'm not sure though.

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Post by Blue »

i came to the boards when insidetheweb was still being used. probably 1999/2000. definitely when klick and play was popular :D
I believe i found the forums searching for keen cheats on yahoo.

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Post by Djaser »

2002 I registered the moment I found out that it was sort of a 'slow chat' programme instead of a chaotic website.
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Post by memsys »

found it around 2001/2002? but did't know how the board worked
we did't have internet back then in late 2003 we got internet and a month or so later i joined

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Post by DaVince »

I found the forum somewhere in 2003, but didn't decide to join. When I refound it later (in 2005) I immediately joined, and I'm still here!
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Post by XkyRauh »

I believe I joined somewhere around 2000 or early 2001... I made a post about being able to ride the Blooglet at the end of the Blooglab secret level, and registered to post on the EzBoard to confirm that I was the one who posted that thread before the board switch. :)

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Post by Anti-Gary »

I joined this yeah year, so, um, yeah

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Post by Spikenexus »

I found the forum some time during 2001, but lurked for a few months because I had nothing useful to add to any of the threads I'd read. I think I registered (as 'Nospike88') to reply to a thread where someone (I have a feeling it was Yorpy... Or someone with a similar username) was asking about downloading Keen sound effects.

I had four audio files of Keen sound effects, and tried to 'upload' them by giving a link to the file's location on my hard drive.

A good start, surely. :dopekeen

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Post by grafix »

Ah, memories. I joined up in very early 2003, having stumbled across the PCKF whilst searching for "commander keen cheats" on Google (oops :o). After lurking for a week or two, I joined in on the heated debate in the "is Harry Potter satanic?" poll. (Who remembers that topic? I think I've got a saved copy lying around somewhere.) Nearly four years later, I'm still here. Something about the friendly atmosphere and gentle pace of discussion kept me coming back, I guess.

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