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Who else is a fan of this series? I just downloaded and watched the movie. It's been many, many years, perhaps a decade, since I saw it last. I shall have to purchase it sometime. While perusing the Wikipedia entry on the series I discovered it was exactly 18 years since its release in cinemas on August 3, 1990, and figured that made it worth posting about. Its atmosphere reminds me greatly of Keen. Good times, that.

If it was made in Australia, it could go out and get drunk now. Hmm... though technically it was produced somewhere in Asia, and I'm unfamiliar with their age of consent laws. For all I know it still could. Ftw.

Edit: Wow... in fact... wow.

I think the last time I saw it was when I made a commitment to watch "Saturday Disney" each week, a show they used to play here that needs no further description, really. That particular time they played this movie through. It was sometime during the mid-90s and I'm ranting in such a way as not to convey the meaningfulness of this realisation. I'll be quiet now.

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If I remember the name right, I've seen some episodes, always liking them, but always forgetting to see another the next week, so I ended up seeing only a few. Didn't know there was a movie. Could be fun to see it. :dopekeen
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Post by Djaser »

Ducktales was the best! They're still broadcasting it sometimes.
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Holy crap I used to love that show! Makes me miss all the 90s-era cartoons. And Dinosaurs, even though it was live-action.
For all I know it still could.
It's probably old enough to sneak out of its parents' house and go to parties.
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Was this the one with Dijon? I haven't seen that in years and years...

Now I want to see it again! :)

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Post by DaVince »

Yup, I liked it as a kid. Watched it a lot.

I don't particulary feel like watching it all over again, though.
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