Not another LA Ben10 movie

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Not another LA Ben10 movie

Post by VikingBoyBilly »

I got a half-hour till Operating Systems architecture class. I have a big quiz. So you know what I'm gonna do in the short time I have left? Publicly complain about the Ben10 franchise to you guys! :p

Oh sure, you could just tell me "If you don't like it, don't watch it." But I'm gonna watch it anyway! Even if I didn't want to, I'd somehow end up seeing it one way or another. After the first Live Action Ben10 movie was so craptacular, what were they thinking in making a sequel?!?? Did little kids really like the first movie enough to generate enough profits to warrant another? :dead

The concept for Ben10 is nice. I mean, it's about a kid who transforms into different creatures and thats pretty cool (I seem to remember a game called ShadowCaster that already had this idea). But the execution is just terrible. The overall storyline is so dumb and disconnected and inconsistent that it makes you question if there even is any plot at all.

But that LA movie actually looked somewhat promising. I mean, CG aliens in a live action setting how sick would that be? But the kids were horrible actors (and so were the adults), there were only like, 4 aliens throughout the movie, and the plot was even stupider than a regular unimportant episode of the cartoon. It just makes me wanna gouge my eyes out :bloody

For the 2nd one in November I'm going to be watching very intently to spot out everything that went wrong and make a detailed report about it here (which would be a never-ending list of death i assure you) and I'll be cursing with rage to get my two hours back but I know my life won't be complete without watching this crappy movie that I know I won't like and gripe about it afterward... sort of like Doom the Movie :p
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