Favorite Apogee Game (Besides Keen)?

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Favorite Apogee Game (Besides Keen)?

Post by The Keen Commander »

Just curious what is everybody's favorite non-Keen Apogee release? Mine is probably Hocus Pocus (which incidentally, Tom Hall was involved with, coincidence? I doubt it :p ), but I also loved Wacky Wheels, Cosmo, and Raptor.
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Post by Nospike »

Apogee release? Um..... I guess it was Secret Agent Mission One. I loved that game for several reasons. However, I don't seem to remember them.
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Post by VikingBoyBilly »

Monster bash and wacky wheels are more fun than they look.
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Post by Grimson »

Raptor for sure!
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Post by lemm »

Raptor for the SWEEET guitar solos.

However, the game could have used more missions.

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Post by tulip »

Raptor - Bought the full version back then, that says it all.

I always loved Wacky Wheels, Hocus Pocus has the best music ever, and the most repetitive leveldesign in history. Cosmo is cute, but gets on my nerves after a while, as you usually spend hours just hopping on enemies.
Monster Bash is great, but a little bit on the hard side.

What about Duke Nukem 1? That was a good game.
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Post by _mr_m_ »

Duke Nukem II.
Rise of the Triad.

Both games were awesome.
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Post by XkyRauh »

Crystal Caves. First Apogee game I played, first Shareware game I played, and first game I have memories of wanting to 100% completion a game. It's also the game that introduced me to Commander Keen. :)

I liked Episode 1 of both Cosmo, Bio Menace and Monster Bash--the stomach levels in Cosmo, and some of the later levels in both Bio Menace and Monster Bash were really more irritating than I felt was worthwhile.

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Post by TerminILL »

Wacky Wheels. I have a memory from when I was like 7 of sitting in a small computer room (dedicated to a single computer), playing two-player Wacky Wheels, with a 13-year-old female friend (sadly passed away a few years back in a motorcycle accident :( ), swearing our heads off at each other. Good times, good times.

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Post by Ceilick »

Hocus Pocus and Monster Bash. I remember the night I beat hocus pocus and what had felt like an epic battle against the mad monks of mellenwah.

I also enjoyed Cosmo and Raptor, and to a lesser extent Secret Agent.

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Post by DSL »

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Post by wildrooster »

Duke Nukem for sure. I also agree that Cosmo got on my nerves fast.

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Post by KeenRush »

Crystal Caves, I think. But I also like and liked Secret Agent, Wacky Wheels, Duke Nukum. Raptor is cool too. I feel like playing one of the games now... :)
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_mr_m_ wrote:Duke Nukem II.
Rise of the Triad.

Both games were awesome.

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Post by Roobar »

I like them all! Well, maybe not all, but let's say 90% of their games. They were my favorite game developer/publisher from my childhood!

However I didn't played Beyond the Titanic, Block Five or Kroz Series, though I'm sure they would be quite nice.

So, from Pharaoh's Tomb, Monuments of Mars and Crystal Caves (1990-1991 to date), I like them all, but it's more easy for me to point only the exceptions: Stargunner, Monster Bash (just played a bit), Word/Math Rescue (not my kind of games), Realm of Chaos (didn't played this, but looks like crap) and Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport (looks like crap too).

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