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If it aint broke you should use the time you that you would otherwise have spent fixing it to improve it!
Do that and your competitors will have time to produce 3 games exactly the same that manage to take the market. Speed is everything these days. Quality is a sad second.
What you really need, not what you think you ought to want.

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VikingBoyBilly wrote:I kind of agree. After all, that's the reason the original Mario Bros. 2 didn't go outside of Japan, other than the fact it was battetoads hard (what am I saying? Battletoads was WAY easier! :dead2 )

That's partly the reason I was unimpressed with Cosmo and Biomenace. Even though they were slightly fun and very playable, all the episodes were the same, resulting in being bland, and on Cosmo's side they didn't do anything to advance the plot between episodes. Sure, maybe Jazz also didn't have a clear plotline, but at least every world had it's own theme, keeping the games fresh the whole way through.

Doom 1 was classic because you started off with the phobos base, went to the mysterious and slightly hellanized deimos base, then jumped into the fiery pit of the underworld which happens to be another dimension! Then in Doom 2 it was clear they didn't give a flying garg about dramatic buildup in level design and none of it really made sense. They were just levels. That's why I don't like it, but it's a mixed bag of opinions.

The keen games all have wildy different things. Not just in the tilesets, but also in mechanics. Starting off with no pogo, turning lights on and off and activating bridges, different colored rayguns, swimming, 'surfing' on platforms, and most importantly, turning enemies into flowers :foot
I agree with most of this except for the doom 2 thing. It's true, in doom 1 each episode was different, but all maps played pretty much the same and were not unique in terms of gameplay. Most of the first episode levels in fact were pretty generic. Doom 2, on the other hand, doesn't exactly have the best looking levels ever made, but it has by far better levels in terms of gameplay. Besides most of the levels don't look alike, either. I don't see what's the problem if Doom 2 wasn't as "coherent" as the others. Why do you bother? As long as the game is fun to play, there is no problem.

I agree with the part that what makes a game feel interesting is the variety in it. Take a look at, for example, Rayman. There are six worlds, each with a different theme, different enemies, different gameplay mechanics, different music, so it's like playing six different games in one. This is probably also why Rayman is one of the best games ever made.

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