Muppet Babies - It's Only Pretendo

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Muppet Babies - It's Only Pretendo

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Out of all muppet babies episodes, this is the one I remembered the most, if only for the whole video game theme. Back then I didn't even get any of the references, except maybe the blatantly obvious 'fario brothers', but only in title, because I didn't even know about Donkey Kong except for the SNES games.

They even went and put in footage from actual gameplay. And the screens are really jiggly too, like some guy just held a camera in front of a TV screen. Were they allowed to do that? Either way, they got away with it :foot What is that obscure flying shooter they showed? It looks pretty funky :dopefish

Watching it again and understanding all the references that went into it... wow :eek
There's Pac Man, Zelda, Frogger, Tetris, Carmen Sandiego... There's even music that sounds like the Mario Bros. 2 cave song. Why didn't I catch that? :dead
and what the fucl is this joke about running from bulls supposed to be a reference to? :crazy
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