Non-Keen games you like

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Non-Keen games you like

Post by StupidBunny »

I was inspired to post this by the conversation in the "20th anniversary" thread of Commander Keen, as I'm curious to know: what games do you all like besides Commander Keen, and how often do you play them? I do occasionally get the impression that some members of the community don't like other games besides Keen and maybe a couple others, but at the same time I don't think that's true of everybody. I'm just curious to see what you all play.

My favorite two games personally are Doom and Commander Keen, both of which I both mod and play mods of a lot. Beyond those, I enjoy the Megaman games, Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the Halo games, and a variety of other mostly older games that I play intermittently.

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Post by VikingBoyBilly »

keen, pokemon, hexen, marathon, earthbound. earthbound I haven't played in years and I just got back into hexen recently.

I started my modding career with hexen maps, which eventually extended itself to doom modding. Then the interest in ID software led into the discovery of Keen, and the rest is history. Recently I've been learning about Keen modding, and unfortunately my keen mods are being held back because of doom TCs I'm working on :disguised
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oman this thread time again

Post by lemm »


uniball, xcoms, the mr green bunny show, NO FPS or MMORPGs because those are garg, uiunno, poker is good too

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Post by MOM4Evr »

Firstly. But I also play other stuff: Donkey Kong Country for the GBC and Nintendo 64, 1080 snowboarding for the N64 (yeah, I found a nice N64 emulator), Supertux, this cool old game called Marble Drop (intermittently, my Windows 95 that it runs on is 3 hours away), just found Amazon Trail and Oregon Trail online that I used to play a lot, Cosmo (a bit), Duke Nukem 1, a demo version of Slobzone I have, and Zork (a little). But I've played a bunch of games in the past that I've liked, and would play more given the chance: SimCity, SimAnt, SimSafari (that one was hard, I never got the hang of it), and MATH BLASTER! (it's been ages since that one). Not to mention Cluefinders, and a few others I can't remember.

So, to sum up, Keen isn't the ONLY game I play, but I do play it more often than most other games.

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Post by StupidBunny »

MOM4Evr wrote:Marble Drop
I loved Marble Drop, though unfortunately we only ever had the 5-puzzle demo. God, thinking of that game brings me back...

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Post by mortimermcmirestinks »

Super mario 64 and 64 DS, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, New Super Mario Bros., Paper Mario, and about five trillion more.
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Post by Lava89 »

Don't forget this thread.

Now mind you, these are games that I like, but I don't play them necessarily all of the time (in fact most of them very little). But when I am in a gaming mood and don't have homework hanging over my head, I'll probably be playing Team Fortress 2 the most-- mostly because I got it quite recently (compared to my other games) and it has alot of content to still explore.

There are also some games fall in and out of my interests (like Age of Empires 2, something keeps me coming back), and I was also playing Mount&Blade quite consistently but its gotten a little boring as of late, I'll probably get back into it when I get the sequel Warband.

So that's the short version, here's the long and gritty list:

Age of Empires 1, 2 and 3 (however #2 is my fave)

DOS games: Secret Agent\Crystal Caves, Duke Nukem I & II (before he went 3D), Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Raptor, Math \ Word Rescue.

Sonic 1-3 + Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 1 (Adventure 2 and Heroes were good but SA1 keeps me coming back)

Journeyman Project Series (2nd game being the best story and 3rd game with the best gameplay + graphics)

Myst \ realMyst (Riven never did it quite like the original, I also really like the 3D remake, fact if I ever replay the game, I only really replay realMyst just for the visuals).

Mario Bros 3 (Bros 1 was ok, it's started it all, but I can't get into it as much, Mario World was cool too, but I can't get into that one either) and Mario Sunshine was fun

Call of Duty 2 and 4 (the first game wasn't bad, but it was really just a more polished Medal of Honor: AA when you get down to it)

Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half Life 2

Super Smash Bros Melee, Metroid Prime 1 & 2 (those games made the GameCube worth it)

Star Wars: Ep 1 Racer and Rogue Squadron 3 (the first two Squadrons were good, but oddly enough I liked having the alternate forms of play and Racer was one of the few good things that came out of the prequels)

SimCity 2000

Frogger 3D (some of the best music in a non-Sonic game I've heard and one my first fully 3D games)

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (amazing story, graphics [for its time] and good gameplay)

MechWarrior 3 (introduced me to the series officially, pretty fun game)

Crazy Taxi 1 or 2 (the sequels only really differ in location-- either way, it was done best on the Sega Dreamcast)

Plain Sight (I haven't played it too much, but I recently got it on Steam and from a few plays it seemed pretty cool).

Star Trek: Bridge Commander (it had its faults, but as a full-blown Trekkie I have to say that this is one of the few games that really got the feel of Star Trek as more than just tactical combat)

Mount&Blade (how could I forget one of my favorite time-wasters)
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Post by DHeadshot »

My favourite game of all time is Duke Nukem (the original, not the second series or 3D etc). I'm really into Quake 3 Arena (so you are wrong, CKeen). Warpath, Arcadia, etc... There are basically too many games to list...
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Post by tulip »

I like everything CKeen likes except 3D games :P

On a more detailed note I play Diablo II, Warcraft 3, Starcraft Multiplayer only, Worms World Party and everything Dosbox and Nintendo emulators can do.
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Post by iKauz »

Diablo (I have played only the first version because my II's CD is a stupid and won't install. >: )
Tetris (DS)
Crystal Caves

Saddly my game abilities suck and that's why I'm not able to win any of these games. :bloody
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Post by Dynamo »

tulip wrote:I like everything CKeen likes except 3D games :P
Pretty much yeah.

I like action games in general. I tend to dislike games that are either too slow or too complicated (which is what makes me ignore most RPG games, I also dislike the level system a lot). My three main genres are:

first person shooters/shooters in general (games like GTA are unforgettable)
2D/3D platformers
Fast-paced RTS games

I feel most modern games don't have the same feel as the old ones simply because they tend to be more realistic than fun, and this is what gets me to absolutely hate games like Call of Duty (for me that game is the disgrace of videogames) but at the same time to love games like Doom or No One Lives Forever.

Among my favourite games there are Doom and its clones (I've played almost all of the good ones), the Command & Conquer and Starcraft/Warcraft 2 franchises (also clones), and games like Super Mario World (The Second Reality Project Reloaded), Rayman, Oddworld, Commander Keen, Ratchet & Clank, Spyro, Jak 2, GTA San Andreas and so on.

I play a lot of videogames actually and I think I've played over 50 games in my life (maybe even more than 100). In fact videogames are my greatest hobby and passion. I also like multiplayer (although I don't play competitively, I only play for fun) and modding, which I think are two essential parts of a game in most cases. Also, although I don't like puzzle games I do like puzzles IN games as I think they're an essential part of the gameplay (IF they aren't too complicated).

That's about it, I guess.

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Post by Grimson »

FPSs, RTSs, platformers, Rail shooters, and Minecraft. Too many to list.
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Post by Dynamo »

Oh, forgot to mention, my favourite game is The Plutonia Experiment.

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Post by mortimer »

CKeen wrote:Oh, forgot to mention, my favourite game is The Plutonia Experiment.
I enjoyed that one, although I've only ever played the coop ZDAEMON version.
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Post by StupidBunny »

I got up to MAP23 of Plutonia on UV singleplayer, but still haven't beaten the map. I think when I go back to keep playing, I'll actually save mid-level...

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