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That plot is neat. I look forward to trying out the demo when I get a chance :)
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Nickssoft wrote:Also can you upload the latest version of Reduke? I have the v1.0 but I want the latest for a project I might be working on :begging

thanks buddy :christmas
You can find ReDuke beta 3 on my other website: http://home.arcor.de/k1n9duk3/files/reduke.zip

Beta 4 (unreleased) has a front end much like ScummVM and some minor changes. However, I could add a scripting system like the one in Duke2, which would allow you to modify more than just the texts and images for the menu and story screens. That scripting system would still use the strings from ReDuke's string files, so you could already change them if you like.

Other changes like enemy behavior or hitpoints will not be possible, though.
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Aaah ScummVM; truly a great piece of code.
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