Duke Nukem Forever

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Post by VikingBoyBilly » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:03

I've been playing it. I haven't finished it, but I have some things to say.
Galaxieretter wrote: First off, let me start by saying, if you aren't "American" you will hate this game. In fact, I think that's why some of the first reviews were angry and said the game sucked because they were pissed it was all USA.

I explained it to a friend like this "The game is like 'Duke Nukem-USA!'"
It's extremely patriotic, and quite frankly, I liked that a lot. No other game does that at all and it was cool for me because I'm like that.
I take it all as a hyperbolic joke, not meant to be taken at face value. Same with his giant ego, the NSFW jokes, and the entire world revolving around duke. Duke's world is full of life and satire. He's an over-the-top American action hero and that's what makes him so great.
Galaxieretter wrote: A lot of things were cut from the game, a lot stayed. Some might be able to notice some of what is new and what is old in the game. I would say a lot of the levels, or rather, the level art, is old. But it's not bad. Art doesn't get worse over time, it just is. Duke Nukem isn't going to floor you by its graphics, yet at the same time, it totally does.
Totally. I recognize the casino from the beginning of the game from a screenshot that got leaked around 5 years ago that everybody thought was fake. Yeah. It looked so awesome nobody could believe it was real. Too bad it turned out to be boring.
Galaxieretter wrote:I would have to say that the starkest point that sort of made the game not what I expected from a Duke Nukem title was that there was no music.
Duke Nukem 1. Where was the music? As far as I can see, Duke Forever has a tonload more music than the first official game (which had exactly none), even though the DNF music is mostly recycled from Duke 3D.
Galaxieretter wrote:
VikingBoyBilly wrote:
_mr_m_ wrote:I borrowed it from a friend for XBOX360 and I was really let down by it. It just doesnt come close to recapturing the spirit of Duke3D.
xbox 36what?! duke forever supposed to be a PC game! D=
Well what about Duke Nukem : Time to Kill which was Playstation and Duke Nukem : Land of the Babes (TTK's sequel) on the N64 IIRC? Those were console exclusive.
I don't consider those games canon. Duke Nukem Forever is Duke Nukem 4Ever. As in, a real direct installment to the series developed in-house by Apogee themselves (well, mostly, until gearbox ruined the gameplay)

Overall, I'm having some fun with it. They kept the sense of humor from Duke 3d and it doesn't try to take itself too seriously, which is good. But it's just too slow-paced and linear for my liking. I'm going to keep playing it until the end, though.

One thing that bothers me a little bit is that I read something from Apogee a while ago that stated DNF's story involved the return of Dr. Proton. But it was changed to the return of the aliens from Duke 3D. And they recycled the enemies from duke3d, too. I know remaking them in 3D models isn't exactly recycling, but I think you can tell what I'm getting at. And their designs are... well... let's just say its somewhat akin to the redesigns of the standard doom creatures in Doom 3. The generic weak aliens don't have tiger-skin anymore and look more like reptiles. One of the most jarring things is that the pig cops aren't even cops anymore. They still call them pig cops, but they aren't wearing uniforms. And another weird thing about them is they drop in from the alien spaceships. As if they're aliens. Weren't they mutated from the LA police force? That's what I remember their origin was supposed to be.

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Post by Roobar » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:15

It's not THE Console that you all know and love from the Demo but it's something else that supports absolutely every command from the Demo Console.
You can type any console commands and even the the demo cheats in it and it will work without a problem.
To get it working you need to type this in the DevLog

set input Tilde ShowControls | Type

To bring it up you can press the ~ button like before.

from http://forums.duke4.net/topic/4326-mrde ... ll-game-d/


To get the bumpmaps to look as detailed as they looked in the demo or even more detailed all you have to do is enter this command in the console
r_bumpmipbias -1

http://forums.duke4.net/topic/4342-mrde ... h-nohes-d/

DNF PR Firm Threatens To Punish Sites For Bad Reviews, then Says Sorry:
http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Duke-N ... 12947.html

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Post by jmfmagnum » Fri Sep 23, 2011 21:49

the point for me is: as a shooter is...okay just a generic shooter, with a stupid limit of 2 guns...and as the shooter WE waited for 12 years (maybe more in not sure)is a total slap in the F.A.C.E
in AVGN words: it suck ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..!!

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Post by DHeadshot » Sat Dec 31, 2011 18:18

I've just found something rather interesting. Go to Amazon and search for Duke Nukem 3D. Price is generally about £11.00. Now search for Duke Nukem Forever. £5.49!!! :O :P :dopefish
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