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wiivn wrote:Speaking of the Dopefish, there is a Dopefish reference in Deus Ex: HR which I wasn't aware of:
HOLY-CRAP, it's not that funny!
I'm surprised I missed that. :(
That is EPIC!
wiivn wrote:John as always is too obsessed with his engines. However, if these Keen shout-outs are more often addressed directly to him, he might change his mind for a second and start hiring third team for Keen...
It might be better to petition with Bethesesda. They might be more willing to pick up the project of the next Keen game.
Fallout / Skyrim style Commander Keen RPG.
Perhaps not.

I would still play it. :dead2
The Article wrote:Or Maybe we could have Commander Keen turn up as a wingman? If he was 8 years old when the first game came out in 1990, and somehow he managed to survive the apocalypse, he’d be around 47 by the time Rage takes place in 2029.
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Apparently, there are some great Doom 1, Doom 3, Quake 1 and even Wolfenstein easter eggs! So far I've found only one graffiti that can hardly be considered a dopefish reference. Which means only one thing: no love for Keen :(.

But the game itself is awesome! I'd say id is back in the action! Their last good game was Quake 3 and after all those years they finally managed to make not good, but an awesome game!

I've played 5 hours already and can't get enough of it. The first 2 hours - entering the world, observing the beautiful graphics, exploring. Wasteland never looked so good! Amazing details everywhere!

After that you've found yourself racing, upgrading your vehicles and weapons, playing some mini games and a lot more. The game makes you eager to take more missions. Some say the game is too short and can take up to 6-7 hours to beat it, if you play straightforward, but I'm playing side missions to earn cash and I'm searching for references. So far I've found only Quake and Doom ones.

A lot can be said about this game, but overall - a great game! Well done id!

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