Looking for Windows 3.1 Christmas Games

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Looking for Windows 3.1 Christmas Games

Post by Roger_Klotz » Thu Mar 15, 2012 23:42

I used to have some games on my windows 3.1 computer that were Christmas related. On one Santa would go around and drop gifts into chimney's and the others I can't quite remember. There were at least two, but may have been up to four of them on that computer.

Well, needless to say that computer died a long time ago and I've been searching for the games ever since. It ran as xmas93.exe. Does anyone have any idea what the games might've been?
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Post by guynietoren » Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:46

It doesn't ring a bell.
I played mostly DOS games on Win3.1... oh wait, no I didn't. That required closing windows to do back then, hah. That is a hard thing to remember though. I remember playing Castle of the Winds, Pipe Dream, Bang Bang(but still played Scorched Earth more), and Chips Challenge.

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