A Prince Of Persia 1 level editor!

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A Prince Of Persia 1 level editor!

Post by KeenRush »

This one's a quite recent map editor, and nice looking as well. Haven't tried it myself, but I accidentally found it by stumbling upon the video that shows it in action. Here's its page:
Might be interesting to try.
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Post by szemi »

Wait! It's not for Windows. T.T
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Post by Nospike »

The author wrote something about a Windows port. ;)
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Post by tulip »

Niice, time to reinstall POP again.
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Post by VikingBoyBilly »

of course no mac version for the best port of the game >:
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Post by RoboBlue »

I didn't even know there was a linux port of Prince of Persia. O_o

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Post by Levellass »

The graphics. I must get them.
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Post by DaVince »

Nice! But there doesn't seem to have been any release for a while now (unless it's not on the news page).
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