Anachronox on Sale at!

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Anachronox on Sale at!

Post by Flaose » Sat Sep 29, 2012 0:16

Hey, did you miss out on Tom Hall's excellent JRPG-style baby? has the excellent Anachronox on sale for only $2.39 for the next three days! Seriously, even if you're not that into RPGs this one is great.

Check it out!
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Post by troublesomekeen » Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:00

Oh cool. I'll check it out for sure!
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Post by troublesomekeen » Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:01

Thanks for posting that Floase, btw. I ended up actually playing the darn game. I'm not finished yet, but probably almost half done. When I first downloaded the game and fought my first battle, I deleted the game. For me, it was a little hard on the eyes.
I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm too used to retro games, or 3D games having stunning graphics. The graphics reminded me of Farscape.
The next day, I was drifting from place to place and read some more review of Anachronox. I realized how badly I wanted to play an RPG.
Was the game really as good as everyone says? I downloaded the game again to give it an honest try. Why not? Might as well see what Tom Hall had stewing.

The game is a total drag to get through until you acquire the second team character.Then things get a little exciting. The voice acting in this game is really quite top notch. If I'm not mistaking, Tom Hall does the voice for PAL, the beebot. The Writing in this game really out-shines the rest of the game's attibutes. Each place has it's own distinct atomphsire, like
Anachronox seems filled with dispair and humdrum, for instance.
The game is jampacked with jokes -- even the bad ones.
I usually don't pay attention very well when a townsperson (NPC?) is talking,
which forced me to resort to using a walkthrough in a few places.
A Walkthrough is by no means nessasary to beat Anachronox.
Just pay attention, me. There are hints everywhere.
As for Keen references, I've noticed a few.
On the democratic planet, the local hotel is said to be cleaned hourly by
Sly Boots, the hero of the story, says a line that reminded me of Keen when he said
"My latest gig is the biggest yet. Saving the Universe."
Also, there's a high-speed paddle war (pong) game -- which I actually beat once!
Lastly, there's a red-robed monk waiting for a shuttle named Brother Gnosticus.
Here's a pic:
I've been sick this week; my advice is not to play this game while sick.
And don't play this game for hours on end. Take frequent breaks.
If this game gets inside your head, you won't be able to sleep at night.
The battle system is turned-based, which was quite a turn-off for me at first.
But I got used to it. Battles are quite clumsy when you have 3 characters plus
7 monsters. The camera is constantly moving and it's hard to target the enemies
you want to kill first. The magic point and sheild system is confusing.
I don't understand NRG at all. But again, I wasn't paying too much attention.
Well this game really has grown on me. I had a grand laugh when a planet I saved
shrunk itself down to a 4-foot height and joined my team.
There is some slight freedom in this game. But only as much as being rude or polite.
Oh, and which quest you want to do first.

Lastly, Anachronox is a little unstable. The game crashed on my when I switched
the lead member of my team. It also crashed when I reloaded a save file.
There are glitched to be had everywhere. Once I got stuck in between a wall
and the floor. I thought I was going to have to reset, which worried me a lot
because Lord knows when's the last time I saved. But I worked myself out of that jam.

Pressing Esc opens the main menu. But if you're stuck in the middle of a cutscence,
mini-game, or battle, you won't be able to access it. Bummer. Oh that reminds me.
Mini-games. Fantastic idea. It's something I've always wanted to include in an RPG.
Games within games. The mini-games in Anachronox are actually quite challenging, and
you have the option to skip them. But they're so fun! I enjoy them anyway.
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Post by Keening_Product » Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:50

I saw the title of this and thought I was finally going to be able to delete some spam!

Anyway, this game sounds like it has some real meat to it! I know it's a cliche comment, but so many modern games seem to just be a walk-through that can be finished in 3-4 hours.

Thanks troublesomekeen, I may now be wasting my time with games like these thanks to your review.
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