Does anyone here play Zelda?

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Post by Bernie » Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:26

i will never understand humans.

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Post by wolfcub7 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 15:14

Does anyone know when was the Nintendo Game & Watch: Zelda, released in UK? And how much was the launch price?

I can't find any launch price information and even release information only for North-America. Weird.

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Post by Lunick » Sat Sep 13, 2014 16:56

Because of Nintendo's recent sales on the Wii U and 3DS, I have been able to play some classics :)

Here is a list of the Zelda games I have played in order:

The Minish Cap: Still great to play to this day although I never knew I had been playing a gimped version
Phantom Hourglass: Has sort of strange touch controls but I enjoyed the art style a lot.
Spirit Tracks: This is much better than Phantom Hourglass although I don't think other Zelda fans share that opinion with me
Link's Awakening DX: This was okay I guess, not a whole lot I want to say about it.
Wind Waker (HD): Amazing and I can't believe I held off playing it for so long (I could have borrowed a Gamecube copy ages ago).
A Link Between Worlds: Also amazing, the 60 FPS feels so amazing and breezy although the game was a little easy.
The Legend of Zelda: I can sort of see why I held off playing this title for a long time, it hasn't aged well. It is fun I guess if you play with a guide handy.
Ocarina of Time (3D): I used to hold the opinion that I dislike all 3D Zelda games and Wind Waker sort of disproves of that but I might have to say that I dislike all others. The 3DS port makes it way more playable but I still find it boring.
Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons: A much better experience than Link's Awakening DX and twice the content.

Adventure of Link: I could never understand this game. Why does it exist, why does it suck.
Majora's Mask: Never played. I've never had a chance to and Nintendo really needs to port it somewhere.
Four Swords/Four Swords Adventure: Never played either of these, not sure if I have the intentions to without someone else to play with.
Twilight Princess: I used to watch my friend play this a lot on the Wii and it seemed to suffer from Ocarina of Time syndrome.
Skyward Sword: I don't want to play a Zelda game with motion controls, sorry.
Four Swords Anniversary Edition (DSiware): Was alright for being free I guess. Was fun playing with other people too. If only Nintendo kept it available...
Hyrule Warriors: I hope this game will be fun but from watching the videos... I have no idea what is going on.
A Link To The Past: Admittedly, I have only played bits and pieces of this game and it is on my todo list after I have fully finished Ocarina of Time 3D and the Oracle series.

Hmm, did I forget any "good" Zelda games? And yes, I really do mean "good" ones.
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