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Power Trip - 9 levels for HERETIC

Posted: Sun May 14, 2017 19:09
by hairmonster12
I'm not posting this on the release forum because it's obviously not a Keen mod, but I thought you fine folks might be interested in some levels I made for the old Doom clone known as HERETIC: Shadow of the Serpent Riders. These levels take you through nine medieval locations infested with magical demonic enemies, including frozen ice-rivers, dark caves, haunted castles and the erupting heart of a volcano!

You can watch the cheesy movie trailer video here:
Or simply download the levels here: ...

NOTE: You'll need to own a copy of HERETIC to play this (it's pretty cheap to buy on Steam and worth buying imo), and i'd really recommend using a sourceport like Zandronum or ZDoom.
Anyways, please check it out if you're interested, thanks and catch you on the flip side! :bloody

Re: Power Trip - 9 levels for HERETIC

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 20:16
by Hisymak
Thank you for posting this! I've played Heretic really lot in my life, as it was my first 3D game I owned, even before I got Doom. Nowadays I am playing various level packs and "megawads" for Heretic. There are not so many of them as there are for Doom, so I'm always looking for some new Heretic stuff to play. And you definitely came in handy to me!
I'm sorry for so much late reply. I actually read it once you posted, but I had quite few time to play something. But right now I finished the last level of your Wad and I'm going to give you a some feedback/review on this.
Power Trip is definitely an arcade-style level pack. It does not focus on realistic and detailed level design, as I was used to when I played some other mappacks. So the visual style is not the best, and the locations look very abstract. On the other hand, it was really pretty fun to play and I loved some of your interesting ideas and even some "fun" and "surprise" elements, like some crazy switches, switch puzzles, the level names and so on. I liked some particular sections, like killing monsters with these respawning exploding green balls, the beginning of the ice level where I could kill so many mummies with time bombs (so satisfactory, oh yeah) and so on. It was not very hard and the levels were pretty short, so playing it was relaxation for me (compared to some extremely hard and challenging Doom megawads I'm playing). After finishing some levels I actually realized that each level was designed to be played from wand-start (I mean playing without weapons, ammo and items preserved from the previous level). If I started each level like this, it would be definitely much more fun and challenge to play. And the last level could be finished without firing a single shot, but just running around and let the monsters infight.
So that's about it. Thank you for providing me something interesting to play and hope you appreciate my feedback.
PS: I really admire how much effort you put into making the trailer video. I suppose it took you even more work than to make the levels themselves, hehe (jk).

PS2: I've also made one level for Heretic myself. I think it's pretty good so I strongly recommend you to try it out. Get it here: ... -i/hisymak

Re: Power Trip - 9 levels for HERETIC

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:11
by hairmonster12
Thanks much for playing my levels! I appreciate the honest review. i wanted the levels to be "fun" more than anything, so I'm glad you had fun playing!

i played your level and i gotta say, that's really good! it reminds me of the original Heretic maps a lot, and makes good use of the monsters and weapons. If you make any more levels i'd love to play them!

Re: Power Trip - 9 levels for HERETIC

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:48
by Hisymak
Thanks for your feedback on my level too. Maybe I'll disappoint you but I'm not going to make any more levels. The reason is I'm lacking both the time and inspiration/creativity to make more levels.

If you're looking for something really good to play for Heretic, I can recommend you a level pack I was playing recently: ... s/rop_2015
It's called "Realm of Parthoris" and apart from new 10 levels it also features custom original music tracks, which is really very important for me, as I always want to listen to something new when I play new levels. Most of the levels are pretty well designed and detailed, which also influenced my review on your levels, but still they were really fun to play for me.

Re: Power Trip - 9 levels for HERETIC

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:27
by hairmonster12
I totally understand that, lol hence the names of my last 2 levels :P

I checked out the first 2 levels of R.O.P., holy hell those are well-made levels! i'll play the rest as soon as I get the chance. good recommendation!