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Monster Bash Scoring

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 18:22
by Stealthy71088
I'm competing with a friend on monster bash scores. Does anyone know how the score system works? I know that theres a 50k bonus for getting all the items, 50k for all the skulls, and 50k for par time. Is it possible to get all 3? Par time's score seems too low to be worth going for otherwise. Also, do you still get points for time if your time is above par?

Re: Monster Bash Scoring

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 16:35
by spikey
You technically could get all 3, but in reality it is almost impossible to do this on all but a couple of levels (i.e. levels which have an extremely long par time). In all other cases you would pick one or the other, I think the idea is to have an either/or playthrough, whether you either go for the Skull/Loot bonus combo or the Par Time bonus (the former of course getting you an extra 50k points, plus the points for the loot/skulls itself). There might also be a 4th bonus, for not getting hit in a level, but that is near impossible in this game!

The trick with the skulls is to shoot them multiple times after you shoot them initially, as many as you can, because you get 'splatter bonus' for that (which is activated somewhat randomly otherwise). That bonus comes up on the level complete screen.

Not sure about time otherwise, I don't think you get anything if you miss the par time.

Since I only play on Hard mode, I don't worry about Par. I always try and get the others (perfect health aside!), and there is only a couple levels I can't get them on, always loot bonus, and it's a level in E1 and E2. I think the E2 one (level before boss, Igor's Lab) is a broken level, and the E1 (possibly L4 or 5, one of the cave levels, has a hard jump with a knife thrower to avoid) is only possible being extremely lucky, realistically playing at a lower difficulty and doing a trick jump, after getting hit a couple times, is the only way to do it. I am not patient enough to replay the (long and difficult) level on Hard, right to the end, because I've lost too many Johnny's!