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Haunted Lands (unofficial Dangerous Dave style game)

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 19:04
by Aspirin18

Suddenly, the first version of the new game in Dangerous Dave series was released. Called "Haunted Lands". The game was made by only one person, nickname alevgor. The game has hurricane gameplay, new monsters, 4 music tracks, 6 levels, two difficulty modes, unique game mechanics new to the series, and most importantly, two game characters. 😃 You can try PC version and play online.

Download and play online here:
Playthrough for both characters has already appeared on YouTube.
For Dave:
For Dave's girlfriend:
Developer's Channel:

Now a compelling request! It is very necessary to distribute the game as much as possible, as not an official continuation of the series. The developer gave a green light. First of all, it's necessary show the game to famous streamers, discuss on forums and communities, information about the game should appear in retro news feeds, YouTube videos. I will do my best for, but I have to rely on any support. Anyone, make your contribution - write a review, play on the stream, just record the video playthrough, let’s play, publish news about the game. Any support is important! I also ask you to leave a good review on the author’s page - he really appreciates this. I say thanks in advance.

Re: Haunted Lands (unofficial Dangerous Dave style game)

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 6:17
by Keening_Product
Just had a very quick play and can say this is neat! Will give it a proper go later when I have the chance :)

Re: Haunted Lands (unofficial Dangerous Dave style game)

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 21:27
by Benvolio
Just watched it on youtube.... looks really great. Quite difficult though I would imagine. It would be awesome to see this come out for MS-DOS. One way the developer could make a bit of money from it (even if you want to keep it free) is do an aesthetically pleasing box art and sell boxed versions to particularly avid enthusiasts, whilst still letting the casual player download free. I'm thinking along the lines of David Murray (8 bit Guy) and his boxed games (which I mean to buy actually). I guess your authorisation to sell your game might be limited but if you're permitted to ask customers to choose their own price then I guess you must be permitted to make some money from it.