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Post by Toomuchsparetime » Thu Oct 08, 2009 21:36

"They" can also be used increasingly acceptably as a gender-neutral "he/she" but which indicates a person, for which the pronoun "it" is ill-suited. It may have been colloquial once, but it's official now, apparently.

Its rival, spivak (a system of gender neutral pronouns etc, created in a lab by scientists for the purposes of political correctness), never caught on.

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Post by Levellass » Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:49

As far as I recall there are several alternatives, and I've seen a few:

They did that. (Normal, lazy, hated by some.)

He/she did that (Seen a lot on government forms)

(S)He did that (Slightly better, but still...)

Sie did that (Wait... WHAT?)

What gets to me is in/on; 'Come on in!' am I going to be on or in something? Why are we 'on top' but 'in side' I'm on it, and I'll try to get into this. On Monday in the middle of the week.... *Sigh*
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