Version 0.3.8 Alpha

All discussion about the Commander Genius project (a Keen interpreter + more).
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Version 0.3.8 Alpha

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Hi guys,

the version is not yet out, but will be very soon.

Why that number and why alpha?

Well, 0.3.8 contains a different graphics engine. Yeah, another one. This engine is one that works on different layer approaches.

It uses fewer blit layers and the draw operations are event based which means, that most of the elements are now only drawn when really requiered by the timer engine.

Nobody notices the difference of the drawn elements, but hell is it fast! Especially Commander Keen 4 got a great boost up since it has had more layers to draw.

I also intend using that engine to take most of the OpenGL capabilities, so Commander Genius will be completely hardware accelerated.

Alpha stands for unstable, not enough tested. I did this, because I still see some issues in Commander Genius. New Issues have arrived and older ones are still there. So the release will be a bit more stable, but I'm not sure if it will be that version.

On the same time I'm working on Version 0.4, so you see it is a tough task right now, but I think it's time to move on.

0.3.x series will have some legacy elements. 0.4 will be much more modern, faster and I also plan a bit better touch support. Also it will have GUI and clickable elements.

Some stuff is done, but some is still in progress. I also plan to finish up Keen 4 the way it will be playable to the end.

Another great thing I must say and I'm so happy I get my tears to appear. NY00123 coded the PC Speaker the way it's sounds very close to the original. Those nostalgic moments make CG even better. I love the sound support we now have if I think back how it was 2 years ago. Those improvements are phenomenal.

Some AI and screens are missing, so it's not that of a big deal.

Stay tuned for next incredible products our team is up to deliver!
Having fun developing stuff...
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