C++11 Code in CG

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C++11 Code in CG

Post by gerstrong » Sat Oct 20, 2012 18:07


after taking a look at C++11 Standard and saw that GCC 4.6 and 4.7 support nearly all it's features, I decided to write some routines based on in CG.

I might create a downward compatibility layer for older compiler but only where requested.

Mingw and the toolchains used for Android devices seem to have those versions, even Mac with XCode has the compilers for it. I think it is time to make the transition.

The reason for that is:

1.- We have many structures built ourselves that now the new standard have, so our old code can be cut out and the porject gets smaller.

2.- C++11 I think is much easier to use and let handle pointer a much more efficient way. I really like that.

3.- Thanks to that standard we can get a much faster code.

If someone will have trouble to build CG because of that, now it's the time to complain.
Having fun developing stuff...

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