64-bit Commander Genius on Windows

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64-bit Commander Genius on Windows

Post by gerstrong »

This is not a proposal but reality.

Commander Genius finally has been built using MinGW 64-bit!

Those users interested have the honor to be the first testing the beta of Version 1.8!

This version has no DOSfusion yet. It is disabled because I still need to see how to compile that engine with the rest, but a small update will ship it very soon.

Take a look and tell what you think.

To the past releases not that much has changed, but I think that is a good sign.

here are the URLs: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloneke ... nius/V1.8/

And yes, the size of the package got a bit smaller as well. Not sure if it is due lack of dosfusion but in the next upload we will know.

For the user this is not a huge change for developers it is because we use QtCreator on Windows as well and cmake finally works as intended. I have fixed a lot of stuff, that wasn't working anymore.

When I write the second part of the article in my blog I will explain about how CG can be built properly and you have my word, it is going to be much easier.

This was build with GCC 4.9 btw.

Having fun developing stuff...

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