Version 1.8.3

All discussion about the Commander Genius project (a Keen interpreter + more).
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Version 1.8.3

Post by gerstrong »

After some months here we go to a new version of Commander Genius.

There is a Windows version with a bundle, as also in the Google Play Store (or APK) another nice update. You should get the same for Ubuntu through the PPA. Download links below:

I have to maybe disappoint some of you. Keen Dreams is not included here, although most of the code base is there (Thanks to RefKeen). Reason is, well, it's not ready yet, and I want to give you something that fully works. So, I'm still working on that...

Nevertheless with permission of the author (Bubbatom) I have bundled the mod "The eight accumlators" for your enjoyment. To Android users: Take a look at this mod, I really like it. It can be considered as Keen4 with more challenging levels but it's a bit more than that.

For the next iteration I will try to include the Keen Dreams. Be patient, it is coming!!
Having fun developing stuff...
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