Transfer saved games / possibility of cheats on Android

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Transfer saved games / possibility of cheats on Android

Post by jack7 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 19:48


Is there any possibility how to transfer saved games in Commander Genius from Android to PC and vice versa?

I found .cx4 files on Android but no .cx4 file on PC.

Or is there any possibility of cheats on Android?

I am asking becaus there is a bug in Keen 6 in Bloogton Tower... and I can not finish this level ... so I can not use the rocket and play any other level.


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Post by gerstrong » Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:59

Hi jack7,

I think it is possible if the architecture uses the same indianess, though not sure if it can be mixed. Did you try it out?

The format is always cx? and all platforms. There was a legacy format some time ago, but it should be avoided.

I'm not sure, what problem you have, but the latest CGenius got some platform bug fixes (1.9.3). Yeah, I still need to announce it here. I updated the Google Playstore to that version.

Also you get a cheatmenu that many of android users asked for, like you did here.

So if you have impossible situations, you should be able to skip them with a small cheat. Try it out.

Until version 2.0 I will be concentrating on better collision handling, a more true Keen feeling, the Downloader that is nearly finished and more ports.

That is what in my at my spare time and resources I can do for all of you...
Having fun developing stuff...

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