Commander Keen positioning bug

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Commander Keen positioning bug

Post by Oet » Sat Aug 24, 2019 22:46

Hi Gerstrong,

Something weird is happening on recent GNU/Linux distro's.

After building CG, Keen seems to stick to a corner (or side) of the screen:
Keen 1:
Keen 4:

Both an old 2.2.3 and the newest master show this behaviour.

This occurs on totally different systems/cpu's:
- Arch Linux 64-bit on a desktop with AMD cpu
- Armbian on a Pinebook A64 with ARM cpu

What is going on? :gimp

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Re: Commander Keen positioning bug

Post by gerstrong » Thu Sep 05, 2019 15:26

This is indeed interesting. I cannot reproduce with the information you are giving me, but maybe you can tell me what revision did

Code: Select all

git branch -v # is your friend
you use and please also send me your cgenius.cfg.

I think it is related to some signed to unsigned integer conversion related to the camera settings. But I cannot say for sure.
Having fun developing stuff...

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