Any plans of porting Commander Genius to the libretro API (RetroArch)?

All discussion about the Commander Genius project (a Keen interpreter + more).
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Any plans of porting Commander Genius to the libretro API (RetroArch)?

Post by Gagster » Sat Nov 30, 2019 15:40

I'm not sure how familiar any of you are with the libretro API, but I suppose it's mostly known for being the format that RetroArch uses to run all of its so called libretro cores (RetroArch being the official frontend to the libretro API).

I suppose the libretro API could to some extent me compared with SDL in terms of portability; nowadays a whole lot of existing emulators have been ported over to the libretro API, and even various game engine re-implementations have gotten its libretro ports as well (such as PrBoom & vita Quake 3). RetroArch also includes an Online Updater, so it's quite easy to update the libretro cores to the newest version.

The nice thing with RetroArch is that it maps the gamepads automatically, has its own video drivers (support for all kind of aspect ratios and screen scaling), has a nice user interface with a whole lot of options and much more.

Maybe Commander Genius could get a bit more exposure if it was ported over to the libretro API?

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