Version 2.5 and High Quality Pack v2.7

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Version 2.5 and High Quality Pack v2.7

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Special thanks to Gagster for his great work on this one.

This time we present you the High Quality Pack v2.7 which provides Keen 1-6 graphics in awesome VGA, with a lot of dedication: ... p/download

Want to know how the graphics look like? Check out this thread: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6923

Just extract those files into their respective game directories and enjoy some great graphics and partly remastered music.

Also there is new Release for Linux and Windows with a lot of bug fixes and improved UI. You should get that one, if you want to use the latest HQP as intended: ... -/releases

Changes since 2.4.2:

- Improved blinking sprites effect
- Ai improvements
- LUA support added and already powering Keen 9. The assets for that will be uploaded at later time
- Quickload in the galaxy died dialog ("You didn't make it past...")
- Quicksave and Quickload can be mapped any keyboard and joystick buttons
- Improved gui colors in the launcher menus
- New Export graphics feature
- Super Run now is optional. The run button now only works when you enable that option
- Many colission detection improvements
- Story page improvements
- Gamepad now can be connected or disconnected while software is running.
- QED Fixes
- Improved Savegame menu style and overall functionality
- Boost libraries are now optional, thanks to TinyXML2 code
- AutoGun now working in Keen 4-6 as well
- Better Analog controls handling in Keen 4-6
- Finally, loading the game list is much faster. Enjoy!
- Integer scaling improvements
- SDL_Cursor can be toggled
- Keen dreams freezes less especially when using cheat codes
- Fixed broken Messie to Player interaction
- Added Quicksave (F6) and Quickload (F9)
- Added 640x360 game resolution which scales nice to 1920x1080

Enjoy the new experience where we all had fun working on by having fun playing these games a new way.
Having fun developing stuff...

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