Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

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Vote for your 3 most favorite levels.

1.) Border Village
2.) Slug Village
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3.) The Perilous Pit
4.) Cave of the Descendants
5.) Chasm of Chills
6.) Crystalus
7.) Hillville
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8.) Sand Yego
9.) Miragia
10.) Lifewater Oasis
11.) Pyramid of the Moons
12.) Pyramid of Shadows
13.) Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients
15.) Isle of Tar
16.) Isle of Fire
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Total votes: 60

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Re: Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

Post by Hisymak »

The Shifted One wrote: Tue Aug 31, 2021 17:51
Hisymak wrote: Tue Aug 31, 2021 7:24 Note that I also created a remake of this level for Vinyl Goddess from Mars with a level editor I created for this game. I haven't released it yet due to losing inspiration during creation of my VGFM level pack, but I might at least release it separately for those who are interested.
I don't know how I ever missed that as I love that game.
I'll be sure to give that a shot when I have some extra time!
Here you go! viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12050
Enjoy the remake of my favourite CK4 level, along with the other new levels for this forgotten game!
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Re: Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

Post by Soul Monster »

I found it to be much harder to decide on my favorite stages over my least favorites, since there's so many stages I like in Keen 4 and for various reasons. Ultimately, here's the ones I decided on and why:

Miragia: Like a lot of people have been saying, this stage just has a nice, chill vibe to it. There's never any part of the stage that feels unfair, and visually it captures how it feels to be indoors in the desert, like it's nice and cool indoors, but it just looks hot and barren outside. Also, the secrets are neat and I also really enjoy that little area where you find the extra life, and as StupidBunny mentioned, this stage just looks and feels like it's very cozy, and it makes you WANT to be in this stage.

Perilous Pit: I think this stage does a good job with a "less is more" approach. When you really break it down, it's a simple layout in a small stage. It's also nice that, unlike some of the other stages, you're out in a big, open space that acts as a hub to the other room. Also, visually, the woods stages have always been favorites of mine for their scenery, which while neat, can also be a little creepy at times. I've always been a fan of stages with a dark woods theme to them. Also, kind of like Miragia, this one to me has a bit of a cozy feel to it, having an underground theme while still being in the middle of the woods.

Chasm Of Chills: I'm surprised that so many people dislike this stage, personally it's one of my favorites. Before I get into detail, I want to mention that I do understand where people's frustrations come from on this stage, and I'm not even saying that it's the best designed stage in the game, but there's a few reasons why this one stands out to me. One of my favorite things about this stage is the atmosphere. Most stages in Keen 4 have a very bright, colorful look to them, and give you a sense of warmth and welcomeness. This one on the other hand has a very dark, gloomy look to it that makes it feel like a very drab, cold place (and now that I think about it, this is the only arctic stage in the Shadowlands that seems to capture that), from the mostly grey, rocky aesthetic, to the darker sky, to the feeling of being trapped in a pit, it gives the stage a more foreboding, unwelcoming feeling. Also, this stage left a huge impact on me as a kid, as it had one of my favorite creatures from the game: the Thunderclouds. As a kid, I had a fear of thunderstorms and when I first encountered these creatures, I was terrified yet fascinated by them. As for the level design, if you don't go looking for secrets it's pretty average, but that's what I think makes this stage so good is all the exploration the stage has to offer. This stage has a lot of secrets, and it adds to a lot of extra challenge and ways to rack up extra lives and points.
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Re: Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

Post by XkyRauh »

This is so hard for me to answer, because Keen4 is one of my least-favorite Keens to begin with. I voted for Cave of Descendants and Sand Yego, if only because they were the two Keen4 levels that came to mind first when thinking of levels from the game. I like that 'the cave of descending' has a pretty clear 'descending' theme, and I liked that Sand Yego was a joke on the city I grew up near (San Diego). :) Sand Yego also felt pretty magical to me, as a kid, with the first encounter with the Arachnut being very intense and memorable.
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Re: Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

Post by XrackProject »

I think I cant really answer this question.... I like them all, I mean its Keen, right? But I picked the Cave of Descendents because I like the atmosphere and the experience as an explorer in there. Miragia because its unique look and Pyramid of the Moon because of its secret! :) They are the most memorable levels on my end! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Re: Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

Post by Hoogleboogle »

I voted based on the time I spent playing and replaying certain levels as a kid in the early 90s. I didn't actually finish Keen4 until I downloaded and played it again as a teenager/young adult around 2004.

As I kid certain levels just scared me for some reason and I never finished them. For example, I was scared of Berkeloids and never got past isle of Fire. If I recall I never finished Sand Yego, Chasm, Cave of Descendents, Isle of Fire and Well of Wishes as a kid. Since I was afraid of the lightning clouds, I never got the hint from Princess Lindsay in the Chasm about how to reach the Pyramid of the Forbidden.

I spent a ton of time playing Keen 4 back then though. I basically would just start new games and replay the same levels over and over without ever finishing. Miragia, Crystalus and Perilous Pit were the top and I probably played them 100 times each.
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Re: Keen 4 Most Favorite Level?

Post by Quillax »

It was a bit difficult for me to decide, although it's not as bad as deciding on least favorite levels. Every level in Keen 4 (and all Keen games) is really good, and my favorites (and least favorites) might change next time I replay Keen 4. For now, though, I went with:

Chasm of Chills, Pyramid of the Moons, Isle of Tar (love Benvolio's pun for the latter! "I Love Tar", how clever!)
  • Chasm of Chills: I know some parts have a bit of a copy-and-paste look, but other than that I love this level! I like how the fog actually makes the place feel chilly and the stormy sky above the edge of the cliff really makes this place feel a little dangerous! I like how, although, the level at first seems simple and straightforward, there are plenty (and I really mean plenty) of secret areas. It makes the level feel really mysterious! I also like how big the secret areas are -- makes them really special! It took me a long time to figure out how to get those four ice cream cones around the door on the tiny stone platform. In my latest playthrough, I died in this level many times, but I still have so much fun on each run! Chasm of Chills might actually be my top pick!
  • Pyramid of the Moons: I love the mysterious and almost calming feel of this level. There are so many secrets that are satisfying to find, making this place fun to explore. There's the Lifewater Flask, the door leading to the top of the pyramid (love the outdoorsy and king-of-the-hill feeling over there!), and of course we can't forget the mooning! :moon Back then, the whole family would play Keen altogether and when we discovered the mooning, we were all laughing so hard! :lol Also, 12 inchworms make a foot! That's got to be one of the most clever secrets in gaming history! While I know that some parts are a bit flat, I can't really think of any changes I'd make. I think sometimes a flat area isn't really a bad thing.
  • Isle of Tar: This place feels so dangerous and adventurous, I love it! It feels like you really are in a jungle filled with tar pits here and there. I like the maze-like design and secret areas, although I could probably do without the Skypests in that one secret room. I love shooting the slugs down into the tar when they're right at the edge! It's especially satisfying when you shoot them down through the big hole so they land on the bridge below, then you turn off the bridge and down they go! :poison :poison It feels nice when you finally get out of the underground section and see the nice blue sky again! You can even go into the house over there and get that Lifewater Flask through one cool pogo trick!
Other levels I considered picking are Miragia (this place has a nice sense of discovery similar to Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz), Cave of the Descendents, Isle of Fire, and maybe Sand Yego. Like I said, Keen 4 has so many good levels! If we could make as many decisions as we'd like, I'd probably pick all of the levels!
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