What books have you been reading?

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What books have you been reading?

Post by Quillax »

Do you read any books? What books have you been reading lately? I know a lot people here like to play games (including our favorite commander! :)) and watch movies, but I'm sure there's some Keen fans that like to take their eyes off of the screen and read a good book.

Lately, I've been reading Frankenstein, the original book by Mary Shelley! (GASP! KEEN REFERENCE! :crazy ) So far, it's a very good story that holds up very well! Pretty spooky at times! :O It's interesting to see how it's like compared to all of the various Frankenstein interpretations, including the classic 1931 film.
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Re: What books have you been reading?

Post by Nospike »

I borrowed an ebook reader from my mom and have been reading books before bed to readjust my eyes from looking at a backlit screen and stuff. I feel like it's a good habit to have. :)

Last book I read was Dune. After being disappointed by the movie I was still intrigued by this story due to how much of a cult classic it is and how much influence it had on the sci fi genre. And it really is an interesting piece.

Before that I read A Clockwork Orange, loved the movie and wanted to experience the book due to the unique language quirks, and indeed it was horrorshow. And Neuromancer. I'm having a bit of a tough time figuring out what to read next that won't pale next to these legends. :p So I've been padding it out with some nonfiction as well.
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Re: What books have you been reading?

Post by DoomJedi »

Read 2 books of Orwell - "1984" and "Animal Farm".
Yes, didn't read those before.
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Re: What books have you been reading?

Post by alexis92 »

The Martian was my most recent read, and god was it a good one. Everything was so well thought-out and explained, that it really felt like a possibility that someone could survive on Mars for that long.
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