RHCP Live Setlists

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RHCP Live Setlists

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So I saw the RHCP on Sunday play a stadium show in London, and as I mentioned before, I also saw them in 2017 in Dublin. This is a band who it's fair to say are well known for memorable live performances (certainly by the standards of post 1980 bands). They have managed to reassemble their classic (not original of course). They retain their energy and musicianship, in a way that many bands their age cannot claim to have done. And yet what disappointed me both times is the setlist: song choice, numbers of songs and show length... on Sunday for instance they were on stage about 19.45 and we were leaving by 21.30. Setlists often contain 16 or 17 songs (onstage jams are not to be counted if they are not part of a discrete song). Compare with the 80 year old McCartney who played 38 songs at Glastonbury.

So I've thrown together an example of a playlist that I would rather hear... being moderately but not wantonly fanciful about obscure album material. Equally not going to stretch to Paul's 38 but let's go for a more rounded 22. I appreciate I have nothing from latter albums post Stadium but to be fair the don't overdo those tracks in their shows either. Here goes

1. Intro, Around the World
2. Can't Stop
3. Aeroplane
4. Higher Ground
5. Tell Me Baby
6. Fight Like a Brave
7. Zephyr Song
8. Knock Me Down
9. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
10. Scar Tissue
11. American Ghost Dance
12. Breaking the Girl
13. Parallel Universe
14. Californication
15. I Feel Love with jam
16. My Lovely Man
17. Deep Kick
18. Funky Monks
19. Universally Speaking
20. Dani California
21. Under the Bridge
22. By The Way

Anyone have a "dream setlist" for RHCP? (Either partlially rooted in reality like mine, or not at all!)
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