Operation Station Infiltration

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Re: Operation Station Infiltration

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Xky, who composed music for Return to the Shadowlands, has agreed to return for Operation Station Infiltration! I'm really looking forward to the Keen 5 inspired soundtrack he'll come up with.


Multimania has been hard at work bringing my graphics to life and I'm ecstatic over the results so far! Robo Blue is complete, and Robo Green, Robo Yellow, Big Ampton, and Sparky II are close to finished. Sound effects have been created for all new creatures. Graphics are complete for all creatures (although they may get tweaked as things develop).

Four new fuse machines have been designed! I haven't tested the animations on these yet, so some some finalization still needs to be done.

The intro and ending stories and graphics are nearly complete! A few graphics are in the final stage and just need some touch ups. There's only one image I haven't started and I'm kind of dreading putting it together and may opt out on including it. If anyone wants to help, I could use a sketch or concept art for an advertisement for "The Big Bloog-Day Picnic".

What's Next?

Sparky MK III, Sparky Jr, and the Vlorg have not yet been implemented.

The QED replacement machine: Defense Grid Control. This machine will be different, simpler design than the QED it is replacing, as well as the other fuse machines. I've got a loose vision for it but haven't started drafting.

Tile Properties:
I've done quite some rearranging of tiles since last time I had these completed, so there is more to do, specifically for the new Fuse Machines, QED elements, and I've brought in Keen 6's conveyor belts.

Development still hasn't resumed since I want to wait on the new enemies and finalizing the tiles.

Related to the QED, I've decided I'll probably stick with the Shikadi Mine method of destroying the machine, but intend utilize the Shikadi Master better as an obstacle to this task (hopefully through level design featuring a netkeen-like arena and teleportation optimization--we'll see!).
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